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Pocket fairy

Mini wand massager by Media Craft Inc

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Never Thought I'd Fall in Love with a Fairy!

I fell in love with this Fairy. Yes, the design could be improved a bit and it could be quieter. However, it works very well and is SO powerful. The power makes up for any sort of design problems and I don't think I've ever gotten so many orgasms from one toy! This is a must have for any special woman, whether it be you, or a woman in your life! Throw this in your cart!
Small, Convenient, Versatile, Flexible neck, VERY powerful, Easy to use, Discreet
Only 2 settings (low and high), Design could be improved somewhat, A little loud
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The Pocket Fairy Mini Massager/Vibrator is the ultimate travel companion. Whether it be for clitoral play, teasing yourself or your lover, or just actual body massage, this little fairy gets the job done - and gets it done with perfection! Although she is small, she packs a punch and is ready to surprise you right out of the box! You will not be able to take your hands off of this toy!

Material / Texture

The Fairy Pocket Mini is made of non-porous plastic that is quite easy to clean (as far as the material, we'll get to the hard stuff later). There is a slight smell to the fairy that has not gone away with washes, but I assume it's from the body of the toy (handle) or the battery, because you can only wash the head safely. This toy is not waterproof so it's not a great idea to wash the entire thing.

There is a ribbed texture on the head that adds some fantastic sensations against the clitoris... May be a little too much for some! I personally cannot use this toy on high directly on the sensitive side of my clitoris. However, I've discovered that the side of my clitoris that I thought had NO nerve endings whatsoever reacts perfectly to this toy on the high setting. If it turns out to be too much for you, my friend likes to buy a mini vibrator sleeve and cut it to fit. Then she puts it over the head to decrease the intensity and/or the texture.

I want to say, that this toy in general may not be the best for beginners at clitoral play. Although there are two levels of vibrations (low and high, 3.5 vrooms and 5 vrooms) the texture adds tons more intensity. So I would highly recommend getting a mini sleeve and following the directions above if you plan on getting this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

I LOVE the design of this toy. It honestly just looks like your plain old back massager from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It doesn't scream "SEX TOY" to anyone and you can take it anywhere with confidence that you will not get "caught". I have family staying with the hubby and I, and they've seen it several times and looked right past it. It looks like nothing!

I think the head is just the right size. At first I thought it would be too small for clitoral play, but it's perfect. Large enough to put on the clit at any angle, so it's perfect for any woman! I also found that it feels great to set the flat top of the head against the top of my clitoris and just let the vibrations run through my body... it feels so amazing! I'm extremely glad I made this purchase. And the size in general is great for any user - it's the intensity that would worry me if a beginner made this purchase.

Easy to hide? Why hide it! Like I said, it looks like a plain old mini back massager. (It works well this way, I might add.) However, if you need to hide it, it's not longer than my hand and can be put in a drawer or inside a sock or a pouch or.... well anything! Be creative because this toy can fit anywhere... just don't forget where you hid it!

You can even hang it (which I have actually started to do, contrary to what I mentioned in the video) by the lanyard included. I didn't find the lanyard to be helpful around my wrist, as it only got in the way. So I actually just use it to hang the Fairy Pocket Mini on the hook in my bedroom that is for my bathrobe.

I love that the neck is actually flexible, just like a real, full-sized massager. The flexibility is well-controlled, so this toy even makes a great massager for the body... Not sex play only! I prefer it especially for the neck!

I'm not entirely fond of the charger slot cover. Most covers come off but are still attached partially so you don't lose them, but this one comes off completely and it's VERY small. (See video) I have to literally take the cover off, put it somewhere safe, and hope I don't forget where it is! It's a good thing I have so many toy pouches lying around. I can throw it all in there! I think that this company would have been nice if they gave a toy pouch with this vibe instead of a lanyard!

I do not like that this massager isn't waterproof. Something so small should be waterproof because it's hard not to get it wet. See the video on how I wash my toy safely so that it doesn't get messed up. Other than what I may have mentioned, wet wipes are your best bet. You don't want to risk getting water into the charger hole or any of the crevasses.

Functions / Performance / Controls

You have three main functions: Off (bottom) Low (second notch) High (third and last notch) To assume each of these functions you use a "push-up" button. Sometimes, I've noticed that it's a little hard to settle on one notch because the button slides so easily. Not so easily that it might slide on it's own, but it moves smoothly so you might miss a notch. You have to familiarize yourself with the toy so you can learn where to stop the button. Since there are only three functions (technically 2) it shouldn't be that hard, I just wish the button was harder to push.

Is the Pocket Fairy Mini noisy? Well... YES. Yes it is. It's much more noisy than I had expected it to be. It can definitely be heard through a closed door (at least in my home) and can be heard from under a blanket as well. Now it's not super noisy... So don't click away from the page immediately in displease.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance... Alright gals and guys. This is the deal... it's a bit high maintenance. When washing this toy you must make sure that the entire shaft/handle is covered by your hand or something so that it does not get wet. Risking getting water in the charger hole is a big issue, so you want to take care not to lose that small piece.

A toothbrush/sponge/wet wipe is going to be your best friend. The tiny grooves on the head NEED extra scrubbing, especially being a girl with vaginal lubricant that tends to get up into any groove of any toy. Warm water helps to loosen up and gunked-up lubricant, and antibacterial soap is really all you need to keep things clean and germ-free. Plastic is non-porous so germs aren't an issue if you follow my directions from the video or this section.

I dry the Fairy Pocket Mini immediately after washing, simply because I am afraid of getting water into the crevasses around the neck and on the body. I think everyone should take the same precautions. I also let my toy dry for at least an hour or two before use so that it doesn't break (in case water slipped inside). I look at the Pocket Fairy and I see that there are so many crevasses and it just worries me to death that it's going to break easily.

I store my fairy either hanging up by the lanyard, or inside of a toy pouch along with it's charger. You want to pick a nice place to store it so that it does not get crushed or broken. Although it is a sturdy toy, I wouldn't recommend putting heavy items up top of it. Everyone knows that plastic isn't the most sturdy material on earth.

Charging supposedly takes 90 minutes. When plugging in the charger, take care as the plug is very thin (the plug that goes into the toy). The base of the charger (the plug that goes into the wall) unfolds and is very sturdy. No worry there! My toy only takes about 70-75 minutes to charge, and not the 90 minutes that the box claims. You'll know your toy is charging when it lights up blue at the bottom, and it turns off when it has fully charged. The charger automatically turns itself off to prevent overcharging/overheating/damage of your toy.

I get a good hour and a half of play out of this vibe, but it does start to heat up after 30 minutes. I never really need it that long anyway... orgasms come all too easily with this toy! If your toy starts to heat up, turn it off and let it rest until it has fully cooled down. You don't want to risk any major damage.


The toy comes packaged in a pink box that says:

Fairy Pocket Mini

for women's.

(Yes, it says "for women's"!)

A lot of the writing is in another asian language, but it does show charge time and what the toy looks like when it charges. I don't see it being indiscreet because it doesn't have any sexual reference, and the toy itself is discreet to begin with. My box got a little wet due to some rain, and poor placement of my package on the front porch, so I didn't get a great look at the whole thing. I apologize!

The toy did not get damaged by the rain as it was covered in plastic. The charger was shipped in an entirely different box, and it did get wet (no plastic covering). However, I let it dry fully and it works just fine. It wasn't a major rain storm, but the box got drenched!
Follow-up commentary
Still works great! The only issues causing me not to be able to use this toy anymore is that it gave me a yeast infection. Why? There are crevasses I didn't realize were there until today that germs must be getting inside of, right underneath the head. They are impossible to clean. You'd need some sort of microscopic baby bottle scrubber to get deep in there. I noticed an awful smell coming from the toy, and I immediately thought "oh, that must be me!" and went to check myself in the restroom. I was fine, aside from the strange itching and soreness. I picked up the toy and it smelled awful. I had to scrub and scrub but the smell will not go away... showing me that this toy is harder to clean than I thought. I no longer recommend this one to anyone!
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