FixSation Couple's vibe and panty - vibrator by FixSation - reviews

FixSation Couple's vibe and panty FixSation Couple's vibe and panty

Vibrating panty by FixSation

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FixSation Couple's vibe and panty reviews

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13 reviews

I really like the concept of the FixSation Couple's Vibe. It's something new and it's totally hands-free which makes it wonderful for use during intercourse. It's designed for both male and female use. The ridges on the top and bottom provide textured sensations that both partners can enjoy.

There's a lot of gimmicky hands-free vibes on Eden (and elsewhere), but this is by far the best so far. Sure, there's plenty of room for improvement, but there's really nothing better for this style of vibe out there.

I love the idea of this panty vibe but it doesn't measure up to some of my more inexpensive ones. It doesn't hold it's charge very long and if you want to wear it out in public for any amount of time it dies. Fits comfortably for sex.

The FixSation couples vibe is a great concept, but the toy left me wanting a bit more. It's not a bad toy by any means, but it leaves me feeling a bit unimpressed. It's an expensive toy, and if it works for you, you'll be happy with it. As for me, I just wish it provided some additional pressure. As I require pressure, this vibrator just doesn't rock my world in the same way that a lot of less expensive toys do.

Move along to something else. Perhaps a pair of vibrating panties, de-crotched, and replace the watch-battery bullet with the We-Vibe Salsa. Not everyone will hate the Fixsation as much as me, so bear that in mind. However I see this as yet another sex toy that works for only a narrow section of population.

If you want a fun way to add some clitoral stimulation to intercourse, the FixSation is a good choice. It's not the strongest vibe in the world, so if you need a lot of power, you might want to look at the We-Vibe instead, but for most people's purposes, the FixSation will improve sex with minimum effort.

If you’ve struggled with achieving an orgasm with your partner (or on your own) don’t feel comfortable stimulating yourself manually during sex, want an option that’s sexy, functional, and doesn’t need to be inserted vaginally, you might want to try your luck with the FixSation couples vibe, while it isn’t the strongest vibe out there, it is one of the better couples vibes I’ve had my hands on.

Gentle vibrations and a comfortable strap/harness type panty make this a great tease or addition to couple's fun time, but it's not enough to finish the job on its own.

If you're not comfortable having something in you during penetration, like the We-Vibe, this may be a great alternative. However,there are some things that could be improved upon. If you're used to strong vibrations, I would save my money for another vibrator. Also, the shape of the vibe, much like that of the We-Vibe, might not work out well for everyone. Even the panty could use some tweaking, in my opinion. I like the way this product is going, but I'm not quite impressed yet.

A high quality rechargeable vibrator that is perfect for couples. With only one button and three speeds, it is easy to control or have your partner control for you. The panty companion is soft, comfortable to wear, and is a beautiful piece of lingerie either used with the vibe or worn by itself.

I love the concept of this product. The FixSation is a strap-on clitoral vibrator that does not move during sex, so the wearer can enjoy constant and (in theory at least) hands-free stimulation. So, it solves the whole problem of inconsistent clitoral stimulation that users of vibrating cock rings often experience due to the in-and-out thrusting of intercourse. A stronger motor with more rumble and less buzz would be an improvement, but this is still an innovative sex toy.

The FixSation Couples Vibe is a fun item to use while engaging in intercourse. You do need to buy the panties separately because they are not a one size fits all. The vibrations are strong, but when you use the vibe with the panties, there is not as much pressure as I would have liked. I think this product would be great for new and old toy users alike!

If you’ve ever wanted a hands-free vibrator to use during sex, then the FixSation Couples Vibe might be just what you are looking for. It doesn’t have any fancy vibration patterns, but it has three pleasant speeds of vibration. Best of all, it is rechargeable so you don’t need to keep chucking batteries away.

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