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FixSation Couple's vibe and panty

Vibrating panty by FixSation

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My Newest Fixation!

I really like the concept of the FixSation Couple's Vibe. It's something new and it's totally hands-free which makes it wonderful for use during intercourse. It's designed for both male and female use. The ridges on the top and bottom provide textured sensations that both partners can enjoy.
Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, Phthalate free
May be too weak and buzzy for power queens
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The FixSation Couple's Vibe is a trendy new way to use a hands free clitoral stimulator. It's made for both male and female use. The FixSation Couple's Vibe is designed to stay in place while making love. This one is unlike some of the other couples toys out on the market today. Most of those toys are to be inserted into the female and then the male is supposed to feel pleasure as well.

This one is totally different because it can still deliver vibrations to the male. TheFixSation Couple's Vibe is totally different and very far from the ordinary panty vibe. There isn't an actual panty, there is what is called a panty companion. The small vibrator fits into the panty companion and gives stimulation to both partners. It can be used during missionary, cowgirl, doggy style and many other positions.

The good thing about this sex toy is that it stays in place and doesn't move around. Just make sure to get the size that fits closest to your own as it runs true to size.

Here is the size chart for the Fixsation Couple's Vibe-

It's also the ONLY rechargeable, hands-free, clitoral stimulating device of this type. I love toys that are rechargeable!

The woman wears the panty companion while making love. The grinding effect is supposed to give stimulation to both partners. The panty companion is crotchless and backless, thus making it easier to have intercourse while wearing the FixSation Couple's Vibe.

It really depends on the position on how well it works for each partner. It worked well for me in all positions because it stayed exactly where I wanted it. The best for him was when he was on top of me. His pressure on the FixSation Couple's Vibe made it stronger on my clitoris. There are ridges on the toy that feel wonderful. His favorite position while using this was missionary. We both loved that way the best.

Here is a diagram of basic instructions.

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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

For the materials used, there were no exact materials mentioned on the packaging. The bottom of the box did say that the material composition was:



Phthalate free

Latex free

It also states that it does not contain any harmful solvents and that all materials used in the production of FixSation are medical grade and FDA approved. It's an PU coated plastic material.
I'm just wondering why they didn't list the materials on the box. Some people may have allergies to certain materials so it would have been helpful if the materials used were listed.

I had to check online and the website said that it was PU coated plastic, which is a basic plastic, which is a 7 on the Material safety scale here on Eden.

The texture of the FixSation Couple's Vibe itself is smooth and velvety, almost identical to a silicone material. There are ridges along the top and bottom of the FixSation Couple's Vibe. The bottom ridges really stimulate the clitoris when pressure is applied. The top ridges work for the male quite well. There are 13 fine ridge lines on top and 3 larger lines on the bottom for female use. There is little drag on the toy while it's dry, but with wetness, there is none.

The power button which is on the top of the toy is at the opposite end from where the ridges are. There is a power button indention to show where it is. There are openings on the sides that have a bit of a sharp edge. There are 3 openings on each side. One large opening in the middle and 2 smaller ones on each end. These are used to thread the elastic straps into.

The FixSation Couple's Vibe is not flexible in any way. It's a solid piece. There was a slight odor when I took it out of the package but it's much lighter now that it was wiped down with toy wipes.

The panty companion is made of polyester and nylon which is very soft. It has a stretchy and lacy waist band with two straps coming off each side that holds the vibrator onto your labia and clitoris. The panty is made from 80% polyester an 20% Nylon. The lace is thinner and it's not itchy. It also didn't dig into my skin, it fit me perfectly. I ordered the size XL which should fit a 14-16. It fit great. It wasn't tight, it fit just right.

    • Light odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

The design is nice and I like the color of the vibe and the panty companion. It's black and as far as I know, this is the only color that it comes in. If I were looking for a shape to compare it to, I would say that it was closer to the Mimi. Even though, it's smaller than the Mimi, the actual circular shape reminds me of it. I couldn't find any other vibes that were as flat as the Fixsation Couple's Vibe.

The FixSation Couple's vibe is waterproof and the plug that covers the charging port is a black silicone feeling plug. The plug is very flexible and it's thin. Be very careful with this as it is only connected by a very thin piece of material near the end.

The measurements for the vibe:

Length- 2 1/2"

Width- 2"

Thickness- Just shy of 1"

It's not too thick that it will cause discomfort when in use. It's raised at the right length to be used during penetration.

The front of the vibe is where the power button is. The area that is to be placed over the clitoris is the back of the vibe. There is a curved area underneath that helps nestle itself in and stay put. The shape of the FixSation couple's vibe works great for my labia which is narrow. I think it could work for any size and any length.

The lace panty companion that I ordered was the XL.

I've included the lengths below for the XL:

Lace Width- 2 1/2" wide

Waist length- 15"

Full waist circumference- 30"

Each elastic leg band- 17"

The panty companion is important for holding the vibe in place. If you get your correct size, it will do just that. The panty companion has elastic bands that aren't adjustable. One end is sewn into the panty and the other end has a loop that hooks into the black metal hooks that are attached to the panty companion. I like how it looks like a garter belt when worn.

The Fixsation Couple's Vibe can be used by a beginner or an advanced user. The vibe is small in size so it doesn't take much to store it. It comes with its own storage bag so that's a plus. It could be taken with you for travel to most places because of it's size. It doesn't have a lock on it to keep it from turning on but something would have to press on it for 3 seconds for it to turn on. I tested it out by pushing a few things against the toy right at the button. Nothing that I placed against it was able to turn the power on.

You could tuck this in a drawer, in its bag and it would be fine.
It's discreet looking. I would never have guessed that it was vibe. It looks like a part that goes to something larger.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The FixSation Couple's Vibe has a top side which is the male side. The bottom side is called the female side.

When you first want to use the toy, clean it off with a wipe or a toy cleaner. The FixSation Couple's Vibe is completely waterproof, as long as the protective DC socket cover is tightly secured.

Make sure the socket is dry before inserting the adapter inside so you don't get shocked or possibly short out the toy.

The LED light turns on to a white color to indicate the vibe is charging. The LED light will shut off when the battery is fully charged. The charger omits a blue light while charging.

Here are a few precautions to follow: These are important to take note of.

DO NOT charge for more than 12 hours.

DO NOT use FixSation while it is charging.

ONLY use original charger provided by FixSation.

Make sure to clean and dry before and after each use. Once you have it cleaned, it's time to give her the first charge. Please charge the FixSation Couple's Vibe for at least 8 hours prior to the first use. Charge FixSation for 4 hours in between uses, if you are going to be using quite often.

There are 3 settings on the vibe and there are no patterns. There is low, medium and high.

To turn the FixSation Couple's Vibe ON or OFF, hold the On/Off button down for 3 seconds. This will turn it on or off. To change modes, hold the On/Off button down for 1 second. The light will flash to indicate the change in modes.

• Mode 1: ON/Mild Vibration

• Mode 2: Intermediate Vibration

• Mode 3: Intense Vibration

• Mode 4: OFF

• ONLY use water-based lubricants with the FixSation Couple's Vibe.

It's supposed to work for 2 hours on the charge but I noticed it getting low a little before that. If you use on high, it will drain the battery faster. It does provide strong, buzzy vibrations which make my clitoris a bit tingly after use.

The vibrations hit the right spot which is directly on my clitoris. I enjoy using the highest setting the most. This is the best hands-free toy like this, that I've ever tried. This is also my first. No other toys that were similar have worked better in the hands-free department.

The Panty companion has straps that run through each side of vibe. These are what hold it in place close to your body. They are easy to slide through and they are adjustable to all sizes because you can slide it how far you need it to go, either way. It's made just for you. The panty companion may look confusing at first but it's not.

I unhooked the elastic straps from the panty and laid it out flat on my table. I straightened out the lace and then I put the back of the panty on the table where the tag was flat. The straps were then in the front. I took the left strap and pushed it through to the holes on the side of the vibe. Once it made its way to the end, I had to use a pen cap to pull it out. The loop was caught on the end. I did the same thing to the other side which went right through very easily. I flipped the panty and hooked the loops into the back. I adjusted it a bit and then I stepped into it like a regular pair of panties. The vibe was right at my crotch. I had to do minimal adjusting but it was perfect. This was a great fit for my body. The second time using it, it was much easier. I knew what to do and I had the hang of it. It wasn't hard to figure out.

The FixSation Couple's Vibe is louder than my Salsa and Mimi. I couldn't hear it over a television or running water but I could hear it outside a door when nothing was on. I haven't had the chance to use in the water yet. I'm not sure if I will use it in the water soon but it will surely get a splash test soon.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

For the panty, the tag inside states to hand wash, do not bleach. It also states that a warm iron may be used.

I washed them in cool water with my Dona Lingerie Wash

I then hung it up in my bathroom where all my lingerie items are put to dry if they can't be placed into a dryer.

The panty companion dried quickly as there is not much to it.

The vibe was wiped down with some wipes from Eden and I also used my pjur med clean spray

Since it's fully waterproof, you can get it wet but be extra careful to keep the plug sealed in the back of the vibe. I tried to wash this area lightly with the wipe instead of spraying something near the plug. It was fairly easy to clean but make sure to get into all the ridges on the male and female sides. I also wiped down the sides well because there are small areas that can harbor bacteria and collect body fluids.

Please use only water based lubricants with the FixSation Couple's Vibe. It states this on the website.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The FixSation Couple's Vibe arrives in a black box inside of a slide out sleeve.

The box is

8" long

5" wide

1" deep

The box is primarily black. There is a silhouette on the front of the sleeve in white that shows the vibe and panty companion being worn.

The size is in the lower right corner and the box reads:

lingerie that feels as good as it looks

FixSation Couple's Vibe

Wearable Vibe

Wear when making love

The back has a silhouette of the vibe itself with some of the same wording.

It concludes with,

...the only time it's ok to let something get between you and your man

The inner box is shiny and black. It reads:


Fixate on the sensation when friction meets vibration

The box doesn't look cheap and it can be recycled.

Inside the box are these goodies:

Panty companion


Satin pouch

User tip card

Instruction sheet


The box would be a nice wedding gift, Valentine gift or anniversary gift. The box isn't totally discreet but it doesn't have any nudity or graphic images.

The drawstring pouch fits the panty and vibe inside nicely. You could probably put the charger in there as well but it may snag the panty companion.

The instructions that are included are very helpful and informative.

    • Recyclable
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I was satisfied with the FixSation Couple's Vibe and the performance. The vibrations were a little weaker than what I was looking for as I'm somewhat of a power queen. If you have sensitive clitorises, the FixSation Couple's Vibe should be right up your alley. I give it 3 on the Vrooms, on high. Although I needed a bit more to push me over the edge; it may work perfectly for that certain someone. It's a high quality toy and we will continue to use it during sex for teasing and foreplay. The FixSation Couple's Vibe is easy to remove during sex.


Everything about the FixSation Couple's Vibe worked in my favor except for the buzzy vibrations. Not everyone will need something stronger. I'm just accustomed to vibes with more power and this could also be the reason that the vibrations didn't do it for me. A person who is new to clitoral vibrators or who doesn't need a great amount of power may love this toy.
Follow-up commentary
This panty wasn't strong enough for me. It will be a great addition for someone who isn't a power queen.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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