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59 reviews

The Mia is a great toy for beginners and for advanced users. It can easily be charged via USB, and can hold power for about 2 sessions of 15 to 20 minutes of use. It's discreet enough that those who do not know what it is would not think that it's a vibrator. Plus, I have been using it for more than 2 years already and it's still alive!

This product is well worth purchasing! It will add that extra little spice to your love life or it's nice to use for some alone time! Whether you want to go quickly, or if you want to take your time, Mia can do either for you!

I’ve been pushing this LELO MIA review back for a while. I think it’s because nothing from them has really impressed me in the world of power. Then here comes MIA. I actually like her. – Then I noticed what I considered a HUGE fuck-up. Fifteen minutes later, I’m working on my website, wishing all my vibes had USB charging ports.

This one is a Winner and no you can't have mine. It is so quiet, rechargeable and has enough levels of vibrations to satisfy most users. You can lock this one and throw it in your purse and go. No one will ever know what your use is for it. It is so similar to most flash drives.

If you're in the market for a discreet, awesome vibe, then Mia is a great option for you. It's perfect for those in dorms and it can masquerade as a flash drive when charging. LELO has managed to keep their known quality while offering an affordable, orgasmic vibe.

Mia is just a great little friend! I can even put her in my purse! If you are a LELO veteran like myself, you will see that Mia certainly lives up to the LELO name. If you are not a LELO lover yet, try this out and you will quickly see what all the hype is about!

Would be perfect for travel if its vibrations weren't wholly underwhelming. The benefits of discreetness are outweighed by the cumbersome controls and numbness-inducing vibrations.

For first time users, this will not disappoint. It's very discreet and compact but with power that can penetrate you deeply. You'll be addicted, for sure!

Mia by Lelo is a great clitoral vibrator that is both discreet and rechargeable. Throw it in your purse for some fun on the go. It is USB rechargeable, so you can just plug it in your computer or laptop when the battery is running low. This little toy has strong vibrations, but they aren't the strongest out there, so keep that in mind if you are a power queen.

This cute little lipstick vibe is amazing, it packs quite a bit of power for its size and price. I definitely recommend it for your collection especially if you're into clitoral stimulation. I like my vibrations a little stronger but Mia is, without a doubt, acceptable.

The LELO Mia, a USB-rechargeable lipstick vibe is sure to please with deep, rumbly, moderately strong vibrations, multiple pulsation patterns, and a sleek sexy appearance! This discreet vibe is great for beginners and advanced users alike.

Some may have sticker shock when looking at the Mia, but this toy is worth every dollar if you want something that travels well and is discreet. It is an easy introduction into luxury toy lines and Lelo is dependable. It is a reliable toy that will ignite the techonophile within while looking sexy charging in your laptop or in use. This is a good investment for those new to toys and a fun addition to those well seasoned.

Mia is small but big big fun that will last a long long time, it is hands down the best compact vibrator I have used.

While the Mia is pretty and small, its vibrations are not up to par (not high enough in frequency and too high in amplitude). It's hard to control easily if you want to flip through the pulsation patterns while in use, but otherwise, it serves its purpose as a clitoral vibrator and will help you achieve an orgasm.

Mia is the best Lelo toy for anyone who travels plenty and/or wants to be able to carry a vibrator with them at all times. It conveniently charges via USB and my mom actually thought it was a lipstick. Mia is small, strong, fun to play with, and can even be a great addition to partnered sex.

Before you go on with reading this review, let me slip a note in here: Am I happy I finally own Mia? I am. Is it strong enough for me? Not a wee bit! I obtained Mia the Tiny only because its way to be charged with USB power, and its tiny size and amazing shape make it to be a purrrrrrfect "prepper's vibe"! Solar power charging a laptop or emergency radio up to feed Mia is a highly convenient way to enjoy some vrooms anytime. And that's enough for me to purchase one. Plain and simple.

I was hesitant to order this at first because I thought it wouldn't be strong enough because of it's size. I shouldn't have worried, this is the perfect vibe. It is discreet, powerful and rechargeable through your computer's usb port. For everyone who is hesitant to spend the money on a LELO, the Mia is a great introduction to this luxury line. It is affordable, fun and easy to use. Everyone should have a Mia of their own.

Overall, this is a great little clitoral stimulator. She will not be strong enough for power queens, but for most women she will provide mild to moderate vibrations in a classy, discreet, ultra-quiet, convenient, travel friendly package. She lives up to Lelo's name in quality and luxury. She would make a great gift, first toy, or travel alternative for any woman. Anyone who worries about discretion in their toys should definitely own this toy.

The improved Mia is an excellent little clit vibe and the perfect vibrator for those times when you need to be discreet. But even at home where I have no need for privacy, I find myself reaching for this as one of my two go-to vibes when I need a quickie (the other being the Lelo Lily). It provides great pinpoint vibration, and when combined with an orgasm balm on my clit, will have me curling my toes in minutes. I love it!

While Mia succeeds in being discreet and quiet, I thought it was weak, did not hold enough charge, and it broke far too quickly. I'm disappointed because in theory, it was a great design, but in practice it is overpriced and not worth it.

This little toy doesn't quite look like a vibrator and it's compact, making it a good travel buddy. It's got a good little motor that will keep you happy, especially for its size. There are even a couple inches for insertion if you really want it.

Its cute and good for people who need a quiet and discreet device, or for someone who is not used to powerful vibrations. For powerful vibrations, there are better options.

If I knew before purchasing this that this toy wouldn't be strong enough for me without the lube, I still would've given it a chance because of how convenient it is for me to charge and how discreet it is. The lube definitely adds the extra vroom though!

The Mia is a sleek, powerful little vibrator. It's designed to lock and be extra-travel friendly, and the USB port can play the Mia off like a big thumb drive (or lipstick if you keep it in your purse like I do)! LELO has done it again and made me a new best friend!

This is an amazing clit vibe, however, mine had a defect. I got my replacement and I am 100% satisfied with the toy. It really is a high caliber vibrator and there is no other like it, that's for sure! So discreet too. The perfect travel companion for every classy, sassy woman!

This toy is absolutely perfect; it's small, discreet, powerful, quiet and very travel friendly. I recommend to everyone who owns a clit because it's very easy to use and it has a little something for everyone. The only thing I would change is to have an on/ off button on the toy so that it could be easily turned off.

The Mia is a discreet and beautiful, stylish vibrator. The Mia is rechargeable and perfect for the most sensitive users. You can plug it up to your computer, or gaming system. It makes charging easier when on the go. The Mia is the perfect luxury starter toy. Multiple settings and whisper quite, this girl will so become your favorite travel partner.

"Mama Mia, here I go again, why why did I ever let you go?" Mia always makes me think of ABBA when I use her and how I will never let her go. Packed with powerful vibrations, pulsating vibration settings, and thirteen different steady vibrations, Mia is sure to enhance your night alone or foreplay with your partner. Mia is worth the investment and is a part of the ever growing wonderful LELO family.

Mia is a rechargeable vibe made by Lelo. It is designed for external stimulation. This vibe provides a good amount of speeds and patterns that can be enjoyed by anyone. Don't let the size fool you, this one has some serious strength on the higher levels!

The slick, pretty user-friendly Mia is a great introduction to clitoral vibrators. She's well worth her cost and the time put in to her use.

This is a good choice for the environmentalist who is technology-inclined and for those who live in a situation where they might need to lie about what it is if it is found.

Mia is a discreet yet powerful clit vibe. She could pass off as a flash drive and charges via USB - she will definitely bring out the sex geek in you!

I was personally disappointed by this vibrator. While it was great for quiet masturbation while living with others and discreet storage, I found shuffling through the various settings and the charging system to be needlessly complicated. My Mia broke in 4 months anyway. Not worth the money, if you ask me.

What more could one ask for in a toy – USB rechargeable, discreet, petite and she also knows how to deliver the power! If you're looking for a small toy who can get the job done anytime, (almost) anywhere – Mia could be the one for you.

Mia is a handy dandy vibe. She's classy, discrete, and she can be passed off as a computer accessory! If you want a toy to keep around with you at all times, she's your girl.

I would recommend the Mia unless you require intense vibrations to achieve orgasm. The product is powerful for it's size, but could never compare to the Hitachi in power (then again, what could?).

I love Mia, I really do, but I think that's because of her discretion and the fact that I don't have to buy batteries for her. If I base her strictly on the vibrations that she offers I think she'd be a three, but her other features are a five, I round that out to a four and I still think she's an absolutely good buy!

Overall the Mia has went far and beyond my expectations. It is definitely a keeper and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation.

The mia is the most awesome toy. If you know someone who loves sex toys and loves tech stuff, this makes a great gift. The geek me in goes crazy over this toy!

Mia is the total package. She's adorable, practical, versatile, tech-savvy, and manages to be simultaneously stylish and discreet. I guarantee you that welcoming Mia into your sex life, solo or partnered,is a decision you won't regret.

I love nerds and all things nerdy. I also happen to love sex toys. I could not have found a better combo: Lelo's Mia. Lelo is the mecha of quality sex toys, so when I saw Mia, I was very excited.

I love that the Mia doesn't use batteries. The Mia is not my favorite vibrator...but it's definitely the coolest one I own!

Mia is the perfect vibrator if you're looking for a discreet, sassy little vibrator to add to your collection -- or start off your collection with!

If you desire quality sex toys, you want something cool, discreet and on-the-go...This is the perfect clitoral vibrator for you. Lelo is an amazing brand. You can't go wrong with this vibrator!

Lelo's Mia is one of the most successfully discrete vibrators on the market. Even if the cap is removed, it still just looks like a flash drive. With its quiet motor and long battery life, which is rechargeable via USB port, the Mia is a great toy for the busy gal on the go.

Mia is definitely a good vibrator, but I am hesitant to give her my best recommendation simply because her vibrations were not right for me. So I can't expect that they'll be right for you. But if you want a discreet (both in looks and charging - she appears and acts like a flash drive!) sophisticated vibrator, then Mia is for you!

It looks like a large tube of lipstick. It can even pass as a flash drive. It's perfect for travel, requires no batteries to tag along and even comes with a locking function to prevent it from turning on just when the TSA guy is peeking in your bag. This is a must have for anyone in the market for a discreet, feature-rich clit vibe.

Mia is a compact rechargeable vibrator that charges from a computer USB port. She has variable vibration speeds as well as 3 pulsation settings. Mia will hold a charge for up to 90 days, and will run for up to 4 hours on a charge. This is a fun, high quality vibrator that will provide a lot of fun stimulation.

It's a fairly high price to pay, but if you're after a rechargeable bullet-style vibe that is discrete, classy and unintimidating, then Mia's your girl!

The Mia is an amazing, discreet, rechargeable bullet type vibe that charges via USB port, making it ideal for travel as it can easily be mistaken for a flash drive instead of a vibrator. Her vibrations are medium in strength and incredibly quiet. About the size of a lipstick, Mia can be tucked into purse, pocket or laptop bag and toted anywhere you want a bit of discreet, easy pleasure.

Mia is overall a great vibe, that I would recommend to anyone. She's easy to use and pretty, too! She's definitely worth your money.

If you're looking for a compact travel or house mate, that seems to keep going and going and going... you've found your next necessity!

Mia has quickly become my favorite vibrator and makes an awesome companion for use with your favorite dildo. She might not be for everyone since she lacks raw power, but will become a go-to toy for those who don't need so much strength.

Lelo's MIA is a wonderful compact vibrator that packs a punch! She is quiet and charges via USB, has easy-to-use buttons and gives you four hours of bliss (after a two hour charge). She's well worth the money and I recommend her to any first-time (and advanced) sex toy users.

Mia is really worth every penny. She pays for herself just in the first use alone. Holds a charge well and is discreet enough to carry around in your handbag, what more could a girl ask for?

Barely larger than a tube of lipstick and almost as silent, the Mia by LELO is an excellent choice for a classy and discreet clitoral stimulator.

Overall I thought this was great. It's ideal for anyone, really. Beginners, intermediate and experienced, all sex toy users are likely to love Mia for its subtlety, intensity and great looks!

I think this is a good toy that performs well for what it is. It's a small vibe, so it's never going to match the power of bigger toys, but it was good enough to get me off and is perfect for travel.

If only she had made me cum, Mia would be one of my favorite toys. She has all the features I love in a vibrator, yet she lacks that crucial ability to give me an orgasm. I will keep her with my stronger vibes and still play with her, but she will never be a great toy.

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