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Mia, you Geek

The Mia is an amazing, discreet, rechargeable bullet type vibe that charges via USB port, making it ideal for travel as it can easily be mistaken for a flash drive instead of a vibrator. Her vibrations are medium in strength and incredibly quiet. About the size of a lipstick, Mia can be tucked into purse, pocket or laptop bag and toted anywhere you want a bit of discreet, easy pleasure.
Quiet, rechargeable, discreet, small, lockable controls, great for travel, charges via USB port.
May not be powerful enough for some users, not splashproof making it harder to clean.
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The LELO Mia is a small, lipstick sized vibrator best used for external stimulation; clitoris, nipples, testicles, etc. It's much like any wireless bullet in that it works well for solo play or partner play and is small enough to not get in the way even during penetrative sex.

Material / Texture

Mia is made from ABS plastic with slightly raised but soft silicone buttons. The plastic is completely smooth and slick, creating a nearly frictionless sensation when rubbed against the skin.

The Mia is lightweight, odorless, tasteless and seamless other than a metal band that circles it between the buttons and the cover of the toy; the band, however, cannot be felt during use unless you rub the entire surface of the toy against your flesh.

Design / Shape / Size

The Mia is shaped like a long bullet with a slanted edge. The slanted edge is on the cover side of the toy, the rounded edge contains the pleasure point. It's about the size of a lipstick and is very, very discreet. I believe you could leave this laying just about anywhere and no one who didn't already know what it was would think it was anything other than a cosmetic item or, perhaps, a flash drive if you had the cover off.

Being only four inches long with a one inch diameter the Mia is definitely easy to tuck away if you need to. Because you can lock the control panel, it's also ideal for travel; be it in your luggage, purse or laptop bag.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vibrations in the Mia are located in the rounded tip though they do diffuse throughout the toy fairly well. Controls consist of soft, silicone plus and minus buttons. Pressing the plus button turns Mia on and continued pressing scrolls through it's vibration levels. Pressing and holding, once you've gotten to the maximum vibration level, starts the pulsation mode. Mia has three pulsating patterns which, again, can be scrolled through by pressing the plus button. Pressing the minus button takes you back to standard vibration and, eventually, shuts Mia off.

Mia is quiet and fairly powerful for such a small, rechargeable toy. It's not as strong as wired, battery operated bullets but it's got enough power that it should get most people off.

The best thing about Mia, however, is that it charges via your computer (or game platform) USB port. The slanted cap comes off, revealing a USB connection that slides into a port quite easily. It also comes with an extender in case there isn't enough room for the Mia to plug in directly.

Mia charges in about two hours and gives you three hours of use per charge. Her buttons light up and glow red when her charge is low.

She's also amazingly quiet, as expected when it comes to LELO. She does have that odd, whining sound when you first turn her one; very high pitched but it fades as you turn the vibration up.

Care and Maintenance

Mia, being plastic, is non porous and easy to clean. However, because she's not waterproof or even splashproof, I'd suggest wiping her down with a soapy cloth or toy cleaning wipe rather than putting her under running water. She can also be wiped with an 10% bleach solution or alcohol.

Any lube can be used with plastic but since Mia has silicone buttons I'd be cautious about getting silicone lube on her.


Like all LELO toys, Mia comes elegantly yet simply packaged. A color coordinated outer box (in the case of my Mia, pink) opens to reveal a heavy, black cardboard box embossed with LELO on the top. Inside the black box rests Mia on a raised platform with perfectly shaped indentations to hold her. Under the platform you find a charging cord, a white satin bag, a warranty booklet and an instruction manual. I'd suggest at least skimming those instructions to make using Mia less complicated.

Personal comments

I really, really like the Mia. I've struggled with this review because so many have already reviewed this toy that I felt there was nothing new to say. However, that doesn't mean Mia herself is boring.

She's not the strongest toy I've owned but she is on par with the Nea and very close to the Liv and Gigi. Being plastic her vibrations are a bit more on the surface than the silicone LELO toys but they're plenty strong enough to do what I need them to do.

She's basically a rechargeable bullet that you can take anywhere with you. Not a powerhouse but her many features make her an excellent addition to my toy box!
Follow-up commentary
I truly adore my Mia, even more so now that I've had her awhile.

The most amazing thing, to me, is how long her charge lasts, even if you leave her lying around awhile. A lot of rechargeable vibes lose their charge quickly when you don't use them/haven't charged them in awhile. Mia holds her for a VERY long time.

I believe I've charged her once in the three months I've had her and she wasn't dead when I did, I simply wanted to make sure she'd be fully ready when I used her later.

Granted, she doesn't get daily use; I"ve probably used her 15 times in three months. But that's still a lot of use and a long time to sit on only one charge beyond her initial one.

Mia may not be a jackhammer but she's convenient, easy to travel with (I took her in my laptop bag to Philly) and faithfully remains charged and ready for you when you're ready for her.
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  • Luscious Lily
    I love, love, love my Mia. The geek in me did a happy dance over the USB charging system. I just wish they offered a velvety version...

    As always, wonderful review!
  • Femme Mystique
    Wow, I guess I thought this had like a silicone coating/sleeve or something. Hmm.
  • Sammi
    I really need one of these. I just love that it looks like a flash drive Smile
  • Liz2
    You sold me! When you said the Mia has about the same intensity of my fav; the Gigi, awesome.
    We all need something discreet that actually delivers......
    Great review!!
  • Carrie Ann
    Hey Liz. She's not the same as the Gigi. Close, but not the same. I'd say she's the same as the Nea and very close to the Gigi and Liv. Smile
  • spicywife
    USB charger? so cool!
  • Angel deSanguine
    This just made my geek squee...Big smile
  • sexyhellokitty
    I cant wait to get mine!!! I love it!
  • kermi91
    AHH! I want one! the USB charger sounds AWESOME!
  • Monica G
    Usb charger???
  • anonomous
    Great review and follow up! Thank you!
  • Dear Ruby
    I agree with the point you made about cleaning, but still, this is a great piece!
  • Dear Ruby
    Although reading your follow up - mine doesn't have the same battery life yours seems to :/
  • Love Perpetua
    Awesome review - it's pretty awesome that she holds her charge for a long time. I've been looking for a good travel vibe and I think this might be it!
  • Michelle Conner
    nice review
  • MissCandyland
    Great review! Thank you!
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