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My New Favorite Travel Companion

Mia is the best Lelo toy for anyone who travels plenty and/or wants to be able to carry a vibrator with them at all times. It conveniently charges via USB and my mom actually thought it was a lipstick. Mia is small, strong, fun to play with, and can even be a great addition to partnered sex.
Beautiful design
USB charging
Small enough for partner play
Controls hard to find in the dark
Control pad collects lint
Not as strong as some might want
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The Mia has only one real use: to stimulate the clitoris. And it does that very well. Its shape and size make it possible for it to also please the labia, nipples, and other small erogenous zones, and it even has an inch and a half of insertable length for teasing the vaginal opening, but its real target is the clit.

Mia is small enough to take anywhere, tucked into a bag or pocket for those times when you want to get off at an inconvenient moment. When locked, it won't turn on by itself, and it closely resembles a lipstick or a USB flash drive, so it's very discreet for those of us who have nosy family members or tend to forget to put our sex toys away after use.

The Mia is also small enough to be used during intercourse, as it can fit between two bodies easily. It may be the perfect addition to sex for women who need clitoral stimulation to get off.

Material / Texture

Mia is made of plastic, which has no taste and only a very very slight plasticky odor when held up to the nose. It slides easily when lubricated, with little drag.

The plastic is hard and doesn't give at all, which makes the Mia ideal for anyone who prefers their stimulation to be firm and unrelenting.

It's easy to clean - soap and water is fine, as is rubbing alcohol. Just take care not to get any moisture in and around the control pad or the opening at the base of the twist-off cap, because Mia isn't waterproof.

One of the only elements I don't like about Mia is the material that the control pad is made of, which is a type of silicone. It gathers dust and lint like crazy, which can make the very classy Mia look less than sleek sometimes. This is usually easily solved with a quick wipe-off.

Design / Shape / Size

Mia's design is stunning, as with any Lelo toy. It's small enough to fit in my hand and it's easy to hold onto. The curved body is exactly the kind of shape that my clit likes - the "pleasure point" end of the toy has no hard corners or angles to detract from the experience.

Mia is the most discreet toy I own, looking more like a high-end lipstick than a sex toy. Even the word "LELO," written in silver on the cap of the toy, looks like it could be a cosmetic logo. The only thing that might tip someone off is the control pad.

Sometimes I wish Mia was just a little bit longer, so that it could be inserted deep enough to hit my G-spot. Of course, this vibe is only intended to be clitoral, but a little extra versatility wouldn't hurt.

Functions / Performance / Controls

My main issue with the Mia is that its controls are difficult for me to locate in the dark. When in use, the "plus" button (more power) is closer to the body than the "minus" button (less power), which is the opposite of what I'm used to, which can be a bit confusing. There are times when I'm on the brink of orgasm and I want to increase the toy's power, but I just can't find the controls in time, so I lose my momentum. This can be frustrating. Fortunately, it isn't an issue in a room with a lot of light.

Other than that issue, I like the controls a lot, because they're super simple. Press the plus button to turn on the toy, and keep pressing to turn up the power. The minus button turns down the power and eventually turns the toy off. If you reach Mia's highest power setting and then hold down the plus button for a few seconds, the toy switches into its vibration modes: slow short pulses, fast short pulses, very fast short pulses, and slow extended pulses. These modes operate at the toy's highest power setting and cannot be turned down, so if you'd prefer them to be less intense, use the body of the toy rather than the tip.

Mia's vibrations are located in the tip of the longer end of the toy. This means that, while some of the vibrations do move up into my hand, there's far less of a chance of Numb Hand Syndrome than with many of my other toys.

The Mia is fairly quiet, yet another quality that makes it a great choice for someone who needs a discreet toy. At its highest setting, it can barely be heard through a duvet, and its lower settings are close to silent.

Of course, Mia's claim to fame is that it charges via USB. This is super convenient for those of us who always have a computer on hand - you can charge it "on the go" while you check your e-mails (or write a sex toy review!). Plugged into your computer's USB slot, no one would guess that Mia is anything but a thumb drive.

Lelo says Mia charges for about an hour and can then vibrate for about 90 minutes before needing to be charged again. I have no reason to doubt this - I've used Mia several times so far on its first charge, and it shows no sign of weakening. It's my experience that Lelo toys have great battery life, even when left alone for days or weeks at a time.

Care and Maintenance

Mia's made of plastic, so you can use silicone-based lube on it, as long as you don't get any on the silicone control pad. If that sounds too nervewracking, you can use water-based lube instead. I've tried both with Mia and both work great.

The plastic is easy to care for - a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth works fine, and when you want to get Mia really clean, you can use soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Mia's not waterproof so don't try to boil it or put it in the dishwasher, and be careful not to get water in the control pad or twist-off cap.

Mia comes with its own little satin drawstring bag, which is great for storage or for transporting Mia in your handbag, backpack, or pocket. I recommend using the bag because of the way Mia's control pad tends to pick up dust and lint.


Mia comes in a cardboard slip-box, and inside that, a heavier cardboard storage box - the classic black one that all Lelo toys come in. I love repurposing these boxes as storage for other things, like lube and condoms. They look great all stacked up, if you have a Lelo collection - and even if you don't, Lelo boxes are so simple and discreet that you can keep them out on your desk if you want to.

Mia's instruction manual is simple and contains everything it needs to.

Personal comments

Right after I got my Mia, I accidentally left it out on the table next to me, and my mom saw it. She oohed and aahed over it and said, "Is this a new lipstick you got?" I had to laugh because, as much as I'd heard people say that Mia looks like a lipstick, I never actually thought anyone would really mistake it for one... but my mom completely did!

While using Mia, I find that I miss being able to slide it inside me for some G-spot stimulation intermittently between bouts of clit play. The Mia just isn't long enough to do this to any decent effect. It feels good when used to tease the vaginal opening, but that's about as far as it can go.

I bought the Mia because I wanted a toy that I could always, always have on hand, tucked into my bag incase of a sudden masturbation emergency. It definitely fulfills that function. It's small enough that I usually completely forget it's in my bag, until I need it and I joyfully remember.
Follow-up commentary
I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I honestly haven't used the Mia much since I got it. I bought it to be a portable vibe that I could carry around with me and use at a moment's notice, but I don't use vibes "on the go" very often - and when I'm at home, there are other vibes (like the Eroscillator or Lelo Mona) that I would rather use.

The Mia's still pretty awesome for what it is, but I kind of regret spending money on it, when I have so many other options that are equally as good or better.
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