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Mamma Mia!

Mia is really worth every penny. She pays for herself just in the first use alone. Holds a charge well and is discreet enough to carry around in your handbag, what more could a girl ask for?
Discreet, cute, and versatile.
You can only charge it via USB.
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Ahhh Mia, the second Lelo item I have owned, is a winner. When you unwrap the Mia from the gorgeous black signature box, you can immediately see how pretty this vibe is. Mia is a discreet vibe for sure. This vibe is bigger than a tube of lipstick, but not much bigger than that. Mia's body is silky smooth made of ABS plastic, and the user interface is made of silicone. For this reason, never use Mia with a silicone based lubricant! If the silicone buttons come in contact with silicone lubricant, it will turn into a big tacky mess and ruin your Mia. Water based lubricants only please. Now, put off Mia's cap, and you'll reveal a USB port. This is where the tech geek in me becomes excited - yes, that is right, Mia charges by USB! You can plug Mia right into the USB port on your computer, or you can use the handy USB cable that comes with your Mia. This is the only way Mia charges, so if you don't have computer access, this will be a problem. Mia needs about a 2 hour charge. She holds the charge really well, also. I only charge mine about once a week, if that, for weekly use. If you take a look at Mia's interface, you'll see a + and - button. Get aquainted with these buttons, you'll be using them often. By pressing the + button we can turn Mia on to it's default setting, which is a nice healthy steady vibration. If this is the setting that we want, we simply hold down the + button until we reach the speed and intensity we are looking for. If you'd like to switch to a different setting, simply press the + button again, and we we are taken to the next vibration mode. Mia has about 5 different vibration modes to choose from, from pulsing vibrations that are slow and rhythmic to faster vibration patters that are more like quick pulses. Try them all out! She won't mind, Mia is very versatile. We can also lock Mia by pressing the +/- buttons and holding for about 3 seconds. This comes in handy if you decided to travel with your Mia or keep in in your handbag. To unlock, simply press the On/Off buttons and hold again for 3 seconds.

So how does Mia feel? Delightful. I absolutely it. The Mia has become one of my very favorite vibes. It's discreet, pretty, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that Mia is made for clitoral stimulation, so you wouldn't really want to insert her into your vagina or anus, though with care, she can stimulate those areas also. Just use caution. Mia also feels great on other parts of the body, such as the breasts, nipples, and neck. You can hold Mia stationary on your clit, or move her around. I love to move her around my inner labia and flick her against my clitoris. Mia's delicious pointed tip makes it perfect for stimulation of your sweet sensitive spot. When properly lubricated, Mia slips wonderfully over your wet girly parts with ease and grace. Mia's intensity level is pretty great for a lipstick vibe. I find the Mia to be more powerful than the Lelo Nea, which is another wonderful clitoral vibe. At Mia's highest setting, she is perfect for me, and it can sometimes take a mere 5 minutes or less for me to climax. Mia isn't overly noisy, but is definitely audible at arms length. You probably won't hear Mia through a closed door, unless you're in a completely silent house. Mia does emit a slight high pitched buzz, but not so much that it is bothersome or would cause someone in the next room over to wonder what you were up to. Mia is splash-proof but not waterproof, so keep her out of the way of a stream of water. I suggest using a toy cleaner wipe to get her sanitized. However, with care, soap and water can be used.

Overall, Mia is exquisite. Use her alone or with a partner. Mia pairs up nicely with other Lelo toys, such as the Lelo Ella or rechargeable Gigi. Work a g-spot vibe inside your vagina, and let Mia work your clit. Orgasmic! Have your partner hold Mia beneath their tongue as they perform oral sex on you. The feeling of the vibrations paired with a tongue motions of oral sex are delightful. Use Mia on yourself while your partner enters your vagina from behind. Delicious! Mia is a keeper.
I first received the Mia a little after Lelo released in last summer. Though it became a favorite of mine, my Mia died on me within 2 months of use. It went out on me during use too, which totally killed my mood, but I digress. Turns out during clean up I got a little bit of water into the crevice of Mia interface. Mia, like all Lelo toys, comes with a 1 year warranty. I know from experience that Lelo makes good on their warranty promise! I emailed the company, was given directions on how to send Mia back to the Lelo returns department, and within about a month I received my shiny brand new Mia. The customer service department is really nice, very friendly, and they did their best to help me get a replacement. I highly recommend the Lelo company, as well as this product. They truly care about making customers happy.

User tip: I'd also like to mention that water CAN get under the silver ring that circles Mia's center, and also around the silicone padded buttons. So be very careful not to get water near the interface. However, if you DO accidentally get water into it, or you suspect that you may have gotten a little bit of water into the crevices of the silicone buttons try this trick - Press your lips around the USB port on your Mia, and blow gently. If there is any water in or around the interface, it will blow out and you will see drops of wetness around the interface. Wipe it away. Blow again, and keep doing this until no more wetness escapes from the Mia. Water will definitely hurt her, so keep her dry!
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    I love the USB charging feature! It's really good to hear that the Lelo warranty stuff was so painless. Great review!
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    Great review! This toy would be great to stash in your office or somewhere near a computer. I agree with Toygirl2, it's good to hear that Lelo is fast and reliable!
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    Fantastic review! Thanks so much, I really want to buy this now!
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