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Pocket exotics bullet reviews

53 reviews
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Average review rating
53 reviews

It's definitely not a toy anyone would fall in love with, but it is very impressive for it's size and price! It's got a good vibration, low noise, and very discreet. It is best used as a solo/masturbation toy.

I enjoy this pocket bullet for it's vibrations. It's not overly quiet, so I recommend some discretion if you're not alone. I very much enjoyed this product in many ways and got great satisfaction from its use. However, I could never love this, toy simply because the plastic is to impersonal for me. I need something that feels more "real" against my skin. Basically, the toy was great, but I need to go with a different material next time.

Maybe mine was defective, but it ate up its energy source like mad. I can get to an orgasm but after an hour or so... It's dead.

The Pocket Exotics Bullet's nonthreatening design and finely-tunable controls makes it a great introductory toy for less experienced users. The low price point and the fact that it's powered by AA batteries make it a practical buy, and the surprisingly powerful vibrations make it a keeper.

Just the way it makes you feel is reason enough to buy one of these. It's very very powerful, and great for your first bullet vibs.

This bullet is worth the investment. It gives you a chance to try new things and it gives a variety of speeds to choose from. This way you can find what works for you.

I strongly believe this product is worth the money. You can use it frequently. I recommend rechargeable batteries. It really gets you going multiple times. However, warm it in your hand or something, because it gets really cold if left untouched.

This item is a total waste of money! It’s not worth it! That quality of this product is not user friendly. Cleanup is a chore. The fact that it heats up is a concern because the item gets rather uncomfortable during use. There is nothing compelling about this product.

If you're sensitive, go for it, because there's nothing particularly WRONG with this vibe. However if you need a strong vibration, this is just a waste of your money. For me, I wish I hadn't bought this product.

Overall a great staple to have, but be careful of strong vibrations. Noise levels are discreet at the lower levels but on high, use caution.

This is my favorite toy in my toy box. It is easy to use, has several settings for whatever mood I am in, and is extremely easy to clean. I would highly recommend this toy to anyone and everyone, especially for the price.

For the price, I certainly would consider this toy. Great for teasing and sensory play and for those with clits that get off fairly quickly. Keep in mind that if you are choosing the ivory color, the picture shown by the manufacturer is not the one that you will receive. Look at the pictures on this review to see the actual look of the ivory controller.

This is always my "go to" when I'm feeling frisky, just make sure you have some extra batteries if you like extended play!

The pocket exotic bullet is definitely a necessity in everyone's toy collection. It can spice up your sex life with your partner, or just help you make it through a lonely night.

I own several of these. I carry them traveling and consider them overall a good, simple, no-frills vibrator. If you want something to share the experience with a partner, though, this is not the vibrator for that.

I think this bullet is definitely worth it, but don't expect to hang onto it long term! It last me about 8 months, and not with frequent use. Definitely worth the price though! It does its job, and does it well.

The perfect member of your sex toy family, this little guy packs a great big woo-hoo for an itty bitty price.

This is a toy every woman should have in her toy box! You can depend on it to do its job well every time. It's great for using on your own or with a partner.

The longevity of the item and the intensity that it provides makes this bullet worth every penny. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an intense bullet that will provide amazing orgasms every time.

CalEx's Pocket Exotics bullet is something that everyone should have in their toy box. With its multi-speed vibrations powered by easy to acquire AA batteries, this basic and inexpensive toy gets the job done again and again and again...

The toy, as much as I would love to love bullets, just wasn't my thing. I would recommend it to anyone just starting out and figuring out what they like.

What's not to love from a powerful little bullet that travels well? It may not last for a good sex marathon, but it is a classic for a reason. I keep buying the little guys even though they don't last as long as other toys.

This toy is a great addition to the toy box. While it may not be the most exciting or innovative toy out there, it is a good quality, inexpensive clitoral toy to have. It's good for beginners and advanced users alike and is great for masturbation or for an addition to partner sex.

Every girl should have one of these. This is one of my favorite toys and is always ready when I am.

I would say this toy is definitely worth the money. It has a very low price and works very well. It gets the job done.

This is a must have for everyone's toy box; if you don't have one, get one. If you have one, try some silicone attachments.

The bullet is a wonderful beginners toy. You can adjust the vibrations for personal comfort. It sounds noisy to me but that may be because I am using it in a quiet room. Overall, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the bullet.

For the price, you will not find a better bullet vibrator. It's simple, no frills and gets the job done for a fantastic clitoral orgasm. This is my go to toy for when I need some solo time and need to get to an orgasm quickly!

Great learner's bullet, easy to use, and an amazing toy supplement. The long cord allows for more movement and less straining during positioning. I wish the cord was detachable. This bullet has a dial that goes from soft to hard vibrations, and the hard vibes are not very powerful.

This is a great first toy for someone who is not sure as to whether they will like sex toys. It is cheap, homely in appearance, but functions very well!

If you're looking for something strong this is a wonderful toy, but I wouldn't really say it's good for those with really sensitive parts.

The creator of the Silver Bullet was a genius. By combining a power-packed vibrator into a small, discreet package, this vibrator has what everyone needs. This toy not only works for people who have tried out a wide selection of toys, but also to someone who isn't sure what they will or won't like, but I am sure that after one use, everyone will find that this is definitely a necessity for all adult toy collections.

As I stated earlier, this toy gets the most use out of everything. I pull it out for use, usually alone at least 3 times a week. It allows for gradual climax, or quick if I'm in a hurry, it just depends on how you decide to use it. I would absolutely recommend this as a must have for those that do it alone.

This may be one of the cheapest guarenteed orgasms out there. If you have only $10 to spend, spend it on this bullet. You won't be disappointed.

The Silver Bullet is a sleek simple toy that should be a staple in every collection. A good was to experience different levels of vibration and get to know what you like, from the gentle vibration levels, to the amazingly strong highest setting.

I would absolutely get this vibrator. For the price, I would personally get multiple just so I would not have to worry about it stopping on me at the worst possible moment.

I would definitely recommend this amazing bullet to other ladies that want a little one on one time to pleasure their selves. Or even to couples want to add a little spice to their relationship.

This vibrator is amazingly intense and maintenance-free. It's also incredibly versatile - Has a very low setting for those who orgasm easily or want more play time, and a rip-it-right-out-of-you setting for those who need a little more. The in-between settings were great, too. The only draw back? If you use it daily, it will probably short out on you.

With a great price like this and the power this bullet has to offer, it's sure to have you howling at the moon (with glee!). Really, I think this is a great and inexpensive addition to any toybox, which I doubt you could go wrong with and its few cons really outweigh the fun you can have with it.

The Pocket Exotics is a great, "good ol'" vibe to have handy. It met all my expectations and had a good, strong vibration.

A decent bang for your buck, the Cal Exotics simple bullets will do the trick - and quickly - every time. Right up until they break. Life spans seem to be a little iffy from individual toy to individual toy but, overall, you get what you pay for many times over.

This product is simply fabulous. I believe everyone should own a bullet in their sex toy collection, I have to say the bullet is my favorite toy ever.

This is a great toy for those who don't want to spend money on an expensive toy but wants to experiment. It looks like a simple toy but can be used for many things if you have an imagination. Guys and girls can use it. All you have to be is open minded and in the mood for some fun.

Anyone that uses toys, should have one of these in their collection. It's also a great toy to have if you are just starting out.

If I had written this review immediately following the arrival of this (my first) bullet, then the tone of it would be totally different and there would only be one star. It's been a few weeks, and my thoughts have definitely improved where this little toy is concerned, but it is still the toy I love to hate. Simply put, it is the most fickle sex toy I've acquired yet.

It is fabulous. Simply put amazing. I think every toy collection should have a bullet! It makes sex so much better then I ever could have imagined!

Every sex toy collection should have a bullet. It provides amazing clitoral vibrations, and other places as well. This particular bullet was a good find due to the price, color, and intensity.

Great vibrator - very discreet, easy to use, has a good variation of intensity, overall a really good value for the money!

Great little toy with versatility and reliability. Excellent value for the price. Personally, I think it is a must have for any toy collection.

I LOVE this baby, it is my most favorite sex accessory besides my husband. Clit orgasms are many for me thanks to this.

This is a great product that should be a part of every persons toy collection. It will bring you tons of joy that you have never experienced.

A good value and a toy that I think lives up to its advertised features and won't disappoint. It is a versatile, compact vibe that performs well across the board.

It was a wonderful toy that surely served its purpose. I would recommend this product to anyone; whether you are using it alone or with a partner.

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