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Pocket rocket reviews

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30 reviews

Pocket Rocket was the first toy in my collection, and still lives to pleasure me regularly. I can always find a way to incorporate it into my routine, and it's shown to be very versatile. I always take it on vacation and have used it in public many, many times. It's not the most powerful toy I have and it doesn't give me the best orgasms, but it's reliable and makes me feel good when I need an extra boost. You won't regret buying one, especially with such an affordable price tag!

Over all I would recommend this to any beginner who is looking for some excitement for foreplay or clits' stimulation during sex. Great for couples' play!

The Pocket Rocket is definitely worth the small investment, based on the fact of how long the product lasts. It is also a nice little tool to have for any single woman and a great accessory in the bedroom with a partner! It is small, simple, and not intimidating for beginners at all. Definitely recommend for a beginner in the sex toy world.

Overall, this is a very good option for a first time adult toy buyer or someone who is experienced. It wont break the bank and it will bring hours of pleasure. I do, however, wish it had more settings, perhaps a pulsing setting so it's not just a constant buzz.

This is my always go to trusty toy. It never leaves me unsatisfied other than perhaps on those nights you are feeling extra dirty!

My overall impression of the pocket rocket left much to be desired. I really had a good time with this toy as a beginner but once I started moving into the bigger, better toys this one just doesn’t cut the mustard. It is convenient and powerful but doesn't last long and overall is disappointing to me. They break easily so you might as well just get a better toy from the start. Bullets are also great beginner toys but that’s for another debate.

I think this toy is very well made. Its materials are safe and easy to clean and it's just so versatile. This toy has become a staple in my toy kit. I've had this toy for over 6 months and can say that so far it has stood up to the test of time in all aspects except what I mentioned about the batteries. I would still recommend this toy especially for beginners and someone looking to get their feet wet in sex toys, this is as simple as they get and will totally get you there!!!

For a first timer looking to have some clitoral stimulation, it is a good start. For more pros it is a no-go.

I have used this and loved it since the day I first tried it, and you will too. Let the Pocket Rocket rock your world!!!!!

The Pocket Rocket is a great first toy that can provide clitoral and other external stimulation. If you like a buzzy, strong, travel-friendly but somewhat loud vibe, then get the Pocket Rocket. If you have more sophisticated or expensive tastes, save up and purchase another multifunctional toy.

This toy is useful for instant gratification, but it is not very satisfying. It's handy and easy to carry around and use, but it is very, very loud. So ladies, if you don't mind the attention, have fun, but for those who want to be discreet, I suggest you make sure the house is empty. If you live in an apartment with thin walls, turn on the TV or music to mask the noise.

A good deal if it is free with a purchase, but not sure I'd buy again unless the design is improved and the noise level is decreased. Otherwise, nice toy.

For a good price, this pocket rocket will give you more than you paid for. With strong vibrations and a removable attachment, this toy will rock your world!

This pocket rocket is great for clitoral stimulation. It has only one speed, but that speed is powerful. This is a great toy for advanced users and beginners. It is affordable and cute!

The Pocket Rocket is a good staple if you want to build a collection of vibrators. It's small, discreet, decently strong, and only uses one battery. I broke mine, but I used it quite a lot. I think it would be a better vibe to use in conjunction with other toys or during sex, or for travel, rather than as the only toy you depend on, but that's my personal preference based on how quickly I wore mine out because it was my only toy at the time.

If you are looking for a beginner's vibe or just something small to travel with that is inexpensive, this is a great purchase.

The Pocket Rocket is a legendary vibrator that lives up to its name and proudly displays it as if it was found on infomercials. For those of you who want a product that has been trusted for a long time, want the power, and can overlook the flaws, this may be for you. However, for those of you who like to make a better investment, try something a bit better built. In this case, power isn't everything.

The Pocket Rocket is the classic vibrator. The Pocket Rocket is back to basics, ever-so-satisfying, and very easy to use.

I love this toy. It is definitely a worthwhile purchase, especially for the low price. This toy would come in handy in a variety of sexual situations. It is small and discreet, so it would travel well and it can be used solo, as part of foreplay, or even during sex.

This is so worth it because it is small, discreet, and packs one hell of a punch! A must have for the woman on the go, the solo artist, or the couple that wants a little adventure.

The pocket rocket is small, easy to hide, and it gets the job done. This product is for anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation whether it be alone or while with your partner. Given the powerful vibration, it's simple and worth the money.

While I haven't tried any of the less pricey versions of the Pocket Rocket, it maybe be worth doing some research. It was a great vibe until the casing broke, then it was a great memory.

The Pocket Rocket is a must have in your collection. Great for solo or with a partner. This vibe gets the job done as quickly or slowly as you want. It applies direct pressure to all of your sensitve spots. Can be used for him or her. I would buy this vibe again and again.

This toy will not disappoint. It is very power and great for reaching orgasm fast if you are someone that just needs clitoral stimulation.

It's is not good looking, it has only one vibration mode, but it get the jobs done quite easily if you want to reach orgasm every time or reach it once, try clitoris vibrations! This toy is not really good to get inside you. This one is really easy to use with a guy partner and when your partner will see what it does to you and that after you want some more he'll want to use it again !! :p

I think this item is great! It's easy to use, fun, and I would and have recommended it to others.

The best selling mini massager around and still my favorite. Powerful, small, discrete. It gets the job done and is built to last.

This is Ok for something small that's not to big during fore-play. Not exciting, but good for play or someone who doesn't need a lot of get-up-and-go to reach their peak.

Overall this is a very good vibe. It is easy to use and is also easy to hide! This is my "Go To" vibe.

I have owned and used a Pocket Rocket for a year now and I love it. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about one.

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