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Rock-chick massager kit reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

My Rock-Chick hasn't gotten a huge amount of use during the years I've had her. I've recently learned how to give myself a G-spot orgasm, though, so I'm once again experimenting with this toy and learning the best way to use her with my body. She looks exactly the same as the day I opened her package, around eight years ago!

This toy exceeded my expectations, and I use it far more frequently than I originally imagined. I think this is perfect for people who like feeling vibes outside while getting some type of internal stimulation.

All in all, a very fun toy. Mostly used for solo, but could be brought into couple play. There was a slight smell to it, but it dissipated after a few cleanings. I love the hands-free technology and the extra ribbing for more stimulation! Just make sure no one is in the next room when using this toy!

The Rock Chick was the first toy of this style on the market that I am aware of. I think it is still a strong contender in the category. It is unrivaled in my toy box for producing sensations that remind me very much of partner PIV intercourse. That is a pretty cool effect!

This is a very anatomy dependent toy. If you have the extra cash to take a gamble, why not try it out? It's made from hypoallergenic, durable medical grade silicone which is a great choice for toys, and it sounds like it rocks the world of many, many woman. However, if "extra cash" isn't ever a reality for you, and you've saved up to buy one nice thing (as my lover had), go for something that is less of a gamble. I was certainly disappointed.

The Rock-Chick is a well made toy in theory, but unfortunately it's one of those toys that you either love or hate. If it matches your anatomy down under, then you'll love it. If you're just that unlucky like me, you're probably going to hate it.

The Rock Chick is one of the best G-spot toys on the market. It's been actively used for five years, and this is coming from someone with the attention span of a chipmunk when it comes to sex toys. Treat yourself; this gift will keep giving for years to come.

Buy this toy! I've have only good experiences with this toy. I recommend this to anyone interested in G-spot stimulation.

I was excited when I saw Rock Chick, anticipated her arrival and then when the moment arrived it was more of a fizz than pop. She leaves me uninspired and unsatisfied!

The Rock Chick is designed to be a hands free g-spot and clitoral stimulator. For me, it succeeds admirably at g-spot stim but less well at clitoral. Complaining is useless, however, since the g-spot orgasms are numerous and fierce, making this well worth the cost, despite its cons.

Worth every penny, effective, fun and easy to care for. It's a lovely toy and c'mon! It's got a wee lil twat on it! too cute!

I would have loved this if I was just a few inches taller, but because I am so petite the Rock Chick stimulation left me less than satisfied. This is a good product as long as you are not super small.

The Rock Chick was designed on gentle, rocking motions. Made out of solid silicone, the hooked end of this toy is intended to dig into your g-spot while the upper ribbed portion sits directly against your clitoris. However, what works for some, does not work for all. Every woman is built differently and the Rock Chick does not accommodate all anatomies.

It gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life and I hope it will do the same for you.

Although the toy is helpful in providing some pressure on the G-spot, there are other toys in a similar price range that do a better job of providing intense G-spot stimulation and that don't have the problems that come with this toy's unique shape.

This toy provides Intense Orgasms. A rocking Good time and a sensory overload! This chick believes this is a wonderful buy!

This is the best g-spot and clit dual stimulator I have ever used. I enjoyed my first rabbit, but this seems to do the job better!! If I could reach orgasm using this thing, anyone can!

If you're looking for hands free, this might be your toy but if you want the HUGE vibration...probably not your best move.

This toy has it all - you want G-spot stimulation, you want clitoral vibrations, and you want an insertable toy? With so much going on at once, this toy is sensory overload at its delightful best. It's no wonder, that with all of the other toys at my disposal, I come back to the Rock Chick over and over again!

The Rock Chick is definitely one of the nicest clitoral/g-spot stimulators I've tried. It is constructed of a quality silicone material, and designed to work with your body for intense stimulation of both erogenous zones, with or without the included vibe.

All in all, I am very pleased with the addition of the Rock Chick to my box of tricks. A sure fire selection for any girl's collection. It's only rock and roll but I LIKE IT!

This is a great toy for double stimulation and hands-free orgasms with or without the use of the included bullet vibe. The Rock Chick will open your mind to new ways of pleasuring yourself.

It's a bit cliché to say that the Rock Chick rocks, but it's true.  I needed a little warming up before use, but that's not a bother!  I recommend it for everyone interested in exploring the g-spot phenomenon, new or experienced.

The little fashion plate doesn't quite deliver the mega punch you'd expect from a G Spot toy, but I wouldn't kick it out of the sack.

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