Rock-chick massager kit - g-spot rabbit vibrator by Rocks Off Ltd. - review by Desdimona

The rock-chick: it paved the way for better toys...

Although the toy is helpful in providing some pressure on the G-spot, there are other toys in a similar price range that do a better job of providing intense G-spot stimulation and that don't have the problems that come with this toy's unique shape.
Provides some pressure on the G-spot. Made of medical-grade silicone.
The shape of the toy did not fit my body. The bullet vibe was weak and inconsistent.
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I was very excited about the Rock Chick vibrator when I bought it back in 2005. Back then, the idea of a sex toy being entirely medical-grade silicone seemed like an extra-special feature (whereas nowadays, it seems to be taken more for granted that a high-quality sex toy will be made of a hygenic, nonporous material such as silicone, metal, or glass). And it looked very cool and different from the other more phallic-shaped dildos that were available at the time. I was very eager to try it.

Although I was aroused, I found that unless I applied lube to the Rock Chick toy, insertion was uncomfortable due to the unique shape of the tip. So I applied lube, and with some effort I slid the Rock Chick in. It definitely felt like it was applying some pressure on my G-spot, which was nice. But "some pressure" is really all it was; it wasn't the intense, focused, oh-my-god kind of pressure that I have since discovered in toys like Njoy's Pure Wand or Lelo's Gigi.

The vibrator part of this toy was a serious disappointment. The bullet vibrator produced vibrations that felt very weak, and, worse, that seemed inconsistent -- sometimes they would get a bit stronger, and then would go back to being weak. This was a far less reliable vibrator than even my [|Pocket Rocket].

Worse, the toy's shape did not work for my body. This was the most important lesson that I learned from the Rock Chick vibe -- women's bodies are all shaped a little differently. I could not get the G-spot part of the toy to make contact with my G-spot and the bullet part of the toy to touch my clit at the same time. It was just not a natural fit.

For a number of months, I continued to use the Rock Chick as a dildo, even though I had removed the vibrating part of it. I used it to provide a sense of fullness/pressure while I used a vibrator on my clit. The Rock Chick did a pretty good job of this, which is why I'm giving it two stars. But the part at the front was actually a nuisance for me, because it would get in the way of me being able to use my (other, stronger) vibrator in certain positions.

Since I discovered the Gigi and the Pure Wand (and the Elise, for those days when I want something more substantial), the Rock Chick vibrator has taken up residence in my sex toy graveyard. I have a soft spot in my heart for it because it was my first toy made of medical-grade silicone, and as such introduced me to the world of toys that are safe and easy to clean. (If you take out the bullet vibrator, you can clean the Rock Chick vibrator by boiling it or placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher.) I also think it helped to pave the way for a number of the better G-spot toys that have come out since then. But if a woman looking to buy a G-spot toy today were to ask me for my opinion, I would urge her to look at the other options available. The sex toy world has made some great advances since 2005!
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  • Snappy
    Thanks for your review. Sorry that you and the Rock Chick weren't compatible.
  • Juliettia
    It seems everyone I've talked to says the rock chick fails. Which is such a shame because it looks fun.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I'm curious about what you consider the better toys? I wasn't as happy with my Rock Chick as I would want to be. Funny that you mention G-spot pressure isn't what you want. I actually thought it was too much pressure to the point of being painful!
  • Desdimona
    Julietta - that's interesting that you have heard similar negative reviews from other people... I actually was feeling like I must be in the minority after reading the other reviews on Eden Fantasys. I agree, it does look fun... and it does seem to work for some people...
  • Desdimona
    Adriana - Now that you mention it, I would agree with you... the kind of pressure that the Rock Chick offers did feel awkward/painful in a certain way... something about its shape, I think.

    I consider the Njoy Pure Wand and the Lelo Gigi to be both EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, worth their weight in gold G-spot toys. The Pure Wand in particular, because it's made of steel, glides in so easily and finds the perfect spot almost effortlessly... it is like the antithesis of the Rock Chick in that regard!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Well, I will be an owner of the Pure Wand soon so we'll see. I actually don't view this as a G-spot toy. I focused more on the clitoral aspects so I thought you might mention something that was a dual stimulator. Heh
  • Nashville
    I've always looked over this, your review solidifies my stance to just keep on walkin. Nice honest review, thanks.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • lzee
    Good review!
  • brevado
  • GingerSpice
    hope it fits me, seems like a great toy thanks for your experienc
  • GirlOnGirl
    Thanks for your review!
  • thenarc
    Thanks for the review! Sorry it didn't work for you
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