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Bullet by Shaki Toys

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Rocket bullet reviews

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35 reviews

I really didn't like this toy. I felt that it had too many issues. I would not recommend this toy to anybody.

Whereas it's not a completely horrible toy, this Rocket Bullet just flat out did not do it for me. I tried repeatedly to make it work, but no matter what I try with it, I dislike it. The shape is unique and cute, but awkward and uncomfortable. I think maybe with a different material it would be a good concept, but this toy is just an altogether miss for me.

This item is mostly alright, but only if you like penetrative stimulation. This isn't intended for use on your clit due to it's bulky shape. It's got a powerful motor and is fairly quiet.

This was too large to be a bullet style vibrator, but if you can stand the shape and size, it might work out for you. The loud noise also annoyed me, but the simple controls and waterproof nature are still good features for this toy.

All in all, this would have been a nice little bullet toy. It isn't too powerful and is fairly quiet. The main downside is that the silver paint scratches and flakes off easily.

The Rocket Bullet is a very large bullet style vibrator from Shaki Toys. The ripples that make up the shaft of the Rocket Bullet feel really good during use, but unfortunately the toy doesn't work properly on occasion after being exposed to water, even though the package stated that the Rocket Bullet was waterproof.

The Rocket Bullet does have multiple settings, and I'll admit the shape is pretty cool, but it's just not the bullet for me. The material feels so cheap that it actually makes me feel dirty. Furthermore, I have concerns about the paint that's covering this toy -- it may chip off, and I don't want that in my vagina! When you combine all of that with the fact that this hideous looking toy has unbelievably buzzy vibrations? I just kind of hate this toy!

In summary, this is a wonderful vibe for beginners or people on a budget. It provides strong stimulation for both the vagina or the clitoris. It's inexpensive, and in my opinion, especially for the price, the pros really outweigh the cons. I would recommend this vibe to anyone looking to get their rocks off for a good price.

This cheap bullet-style "rocket" failed to launch. If you like your toys small, buzzy, and on the lower end of the power scale, go for it, but for me this thing was a tease.

This isn't the best or most high quality bullet I've had. For the money, it is alright, but I've honestly had better for less money. I got this as a free gift, and at that price, it was decent. I'm not sure I'd recommend buying this one unless it was on sale, or you enjoy really buzzy sensations and don't mind that it isn't really waterproof.

I was highly unimpressed by the Rocket Bullet. The quality of this product is not very good. It is plastic with an unnecessary silver finish, which has the potential to sacrifice some of the safety of the plastic toy. It also has a battery-operated controller that is connected to the toy by a wire and sometimes it shuts off by itself, which is disappointing and frustrating. If you're looking for a good quality toy for a relatively cheap price, you're looking in the wrong place.

The rocket bullet is a great toy for beginners. If has a variety of vibration patterns and speeds which are helpful when you are new to toys. The control panel is easy to use and doesn't take much to figure out. This toy can be used for masturbation, mutual masturbation sessions, or solo. The only bad thing about this bullet is that it couldn't be any uglier if it tried.

I was glad that this was free, because as a toy for clitoral stimulation, it failed the test. Good for insertion, not so much for clit.

Save your money and buy a higher quality bullet, it's not worth the disappointment in this cheap toy. I would expect to find this quality of a toy in a dollar store. It would work as a novelty item at a party. This will go to the bottom of the bucket.

The Rocket Bullet is God awful gaudy. It's also large and bulky. For almost $20, I can think of many toys that are a lot better. The quality just isn't there and I doubt the finish on the toy will last long. It does have 7 levels of buzzy and fairly strong vibrations. So, if that has done it for you in the past, this might too.

I'd say for under $20, this was well worth my money to keep in my drawer. It has what I want in a simple toy: wide range of intensity, lots of functions and doesn't weigh my hand down. This is a great toy for beginners, in my opinion, just to start off and get a feel of what type of pleasure you enjoy more. Clitoral stimulation or maybe vaginal penetration? Either or, this toy will surely explore.

The Rocket Bullet by Shaki Toys is supposed to be waterproof but it's not. I fully submerged the toy and it didn't want to stay on. The vibrations are buzzy rather than rumbly, and the toy is pretty darn loud. I received the toy for free with purchase but it's still disappointing. I would not recommend The Rocket Bullet to anyone.

This toy is really only a gag gift, and you shouldn't expect to have any toe-curling experiences if you use it.

I was biased against this toy before I even received it, but it surprised me. It stimulates my g-spot perfectly, but can also be a great external vibe. I hate the design and color of this because I think it looks cheap, but overall it is a great buy.

The Rocket Bullet has surprisingly strong vibrations for the price! Whether you want your partner to take the remote to control how much pleasure you receive, or whether you want to play it solo and utilize its waterproof feature in the shower, this toy will definitely cause you to see some stars. This little rocket was definitely designed to be used in space, since sound does not travel in a vacuum, but it sure as Hell traveled through my walls! If you don't mind the noise, then give it a try.

Shaki's Rocket Bullet isn't exactly weak, but its buzzy vibrations and iffy quality left me dissatisfied. I got this as a freebie, and while it might be good for a bit of experimentation, the bottom line is that it's not worth it if you actually have to spend money on it.

This toy is inexpensive and has powerful vibrations for vaginal, clitoral, anal and nipple stimualtion. I also love the fact that it has multi-speeds.

The Rocket bullet by Shaki toys is a great addition to your toy collection if you're a beginner or someone on a budget. It has an interesting design that adds good clitoral stimulation. You could also use it for vaginal play because of its longer shape than most bullets. The vibrations are moderate and buzzy, so if you like your vibrations deep and strong you might not be interested in this toy.

Gotta say I wasn't thrilled with this bullet, and I normally like bullets. I enjoyed the ridges for thrusting, and the vibrations were ok-ish. All in all it was a disappointing, but free toy so I won't have much regret when it gets tossed.

When I realized I was getting another Shaki toy I wasn't very excited. But the rocket bullet was pleasantly surprising! The vibrations are moderate but were strong enough for me. You also get 7 different vibration options which is a nice variety. The cord is a little short, it's cheap, and the box is hilarious. It's definitely considered a cheapie but I really enjoyed it.

Overall, the Rocket Bullet has been a fun toy. The ridges on the bullet adds extra stimulation during vaginal penetration. The size of the tip of the bullet is even better to stimulate the clitorus. The versatility and price make this a must have for everyone.

The Rocket Bullet is capable of powerful vibrations on multiple settings, but is an unreliable product that turns off at random and is not as versatile as the ambitious packaging advertises it to be. Its inconsistency outweighs its very sporadic good performance.

The Rocket bullet is a buzzy, loud toy. It is good for a warm up, but it is hard to get off with only this bullet.

This toy is an awesome toy for clitoral stimulation and would be a nice choice for vaginal penetration. Though it did not reach my G-spot, it may reach other female's G-spots. Not a good idea for anal though, since it has no base and the cord should not be pulled on.

Looking for a low priced powerful bullet or something to leave the control in the hands of your partner? Give this bullet a try.

Overall, this toy is a great addition to your toy collection - if you don't mind chewing through some batteries. When I'm feeling a need for something extra strong or some extra special tantalizing fun, this will be a toy I'm reaching for.

This toy is great for various stimulation. It is budget friendly and very powerful which makes it a compelling buy.

This is a great starter vibrator, but is not worth it for the more experienced. It's pretty cheap, both in price and in make. It packs a punch and will get you off again and long as your batteries hold up. It eats batteries like crazy. The plastic was too hard for comfortable vaginal use. The cord was a bit short, and you have to cycle through all speeds through one button. But it is great for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

The Rocket Bullet is another fun toy from Shaki Toys. It uses regular, not watch, batteries and delivers a good degree of vibration. The bullet works well for clitoral and vaginal stimulation, and can be used in or out of the water. It's length allows for a long area of vibration when used externally, and it also delivers when used vaginally.

Versatility, usability, and being budget friendly make the Rocket Bullet an excellent choice for a vibrating toy. With it you get a delicious texture, multiple functions and vibrations in a toy that is not only a clitoral vibrator, but also an adequate toy to satisfy your cravings for penetration. Combine that with the convenience of being waterproof, and you have a toy that simply can not be beat.

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