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The Not-so-Rocking Rocket Bullet

This is a great starter vibrator, but is not worth it for the more experienced. It's pretty cheap, both in price and in make. It packs a punch and will get you off again and long as your batteries hold up. It eats batteries like crazy. The plastic was too hard for comfortable vaginal use. The cord was a bit short, and you have to cycle through all speeds through one button. But it is great for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
Lots of power, 7 speeds, multi-purpose, great for partner play, waterproof, easy to clean.
Small battery compartment, short battery life, short cord, only one button to change speeds.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I was super excited when I saw this vibe. It has 7 speeds and got a great review. I thought everything would be great...until I tried to put the batteries in. I like to be environmentally friendly, so I use rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately, my AA rechargeable batteries barely fit into the battery compartment! They got stuck and I had to use pliers to get them out again, when I accidentally slid them in backwards. I ended up taking the foil wrapping off my rechargeable batteries, but if the compartment was only a tiny bit bigger, it wouldn't have been a problem. I've never had a problem with anything else with my batteries. So that really irritated me, but hey. It was a simple solution. No big deal. Batteries aren't everything--I still had to see how it worked.

I tried to use it on my clit, first. Let me tell you, it was amazing! I had never had a 7 speed vibrator before. The first setting is like a light tickling. The second a medium buzz, very nice. The third is a more powerful buzz. Fourth is a tantalizing escalating that cycles between the first three. The fifth pulsates. The sixth I can only describe as kind of a "machine gun" feeling. The last setting is an over-the-top knock-your-panties-off vibration. For a little vibrator, it sure packs a punch. I was very pleased with the various settings. However, the vibrator does have the flaw of having only one button for changing the speed. This means that you have to cycle through all 7 cycles in order to change the speed.

Next, I tried it inside me. It's less like a bullet, and more like a pocket rocket, so it actually works for vaginal stimulation. It's about 1 inch in diameter at the tip, and about 4 inches in length. It's not bad for vaginal stimulation, but I found the material to be a bit too hard to be pleasurable--it tended to hurt when my muscles contracted around it.

Next on my list of tests was the waterproofing test. I decided to take the vibe into the shower with me. However, once I got it in the shower, it wouldn't turn on! I checked the O ring around it, securely in place. There was no water in the battery compartment what so ever. Why wouldn't it turn on? It obviously was still waterproof. Apparently, the little vibrator that packs a punch eats up batteries like crazy. I get on average 2 uses to it per batteries (this includes brand new, non-rechargeable batteries, too!) The batteries will still be good for things like remote controls, but the vibrator requires fresh feedings of batteries all the time. It won't start unless the batteries are at a pretty full capacity. It's pretty nice, since I've had vibrators before that just lose their power, especially mid-play. This one stays pretty consistent, but just won't have enough juice to keep going.

It receives an A for performance, but a D for stamina. It may be cheap, but with the cost of batteries, it adds up fast. Next time, I will probably spend a bit extra to get a slightly higher-quality one.

However, it did clean very easily. The hard plastic is quite easy to clean--just remember to get between the grooves! It's waterproof as well. (I did run the shower test again, although I have not used it in the bath tub yet).

It's also great for using with a partner. Since it has a little remote attached, your partner can use the remote to tease you, changing up the speeds. I wish the cord with the remote was a bit longer though. It's fairly short, designed more for personal use than sharing with a partner.

Overall, it performs very well, with vibrations for everyone, ranging from tame (for the very sensitive) to very intense (for those who really want to be pushed over the edge), and everything in between. The size is also great for those who aren't sure if they want a pocket rocket or a bullet, since it can act as both. However, due to the flaws (e.g. small battery compartment, battery life, short cord, one button to cycle through speeds, etc.) I would recommend this as a starter vibe rather than one for the more experienced. I will probably be upgrading soon, myself.
Follow-up commentary
I've had this for approximately one month now and, with only mild to moderate use, the cord connecting the vibrator to the control pack has become loose and it does not work anymore. Technically it will still vibrate if you turn the cord a certain way and pull it tight at an angle, but that really does not seem safe in my opinion nor would someone really want to worry about it during use. Toy broken already is really not a turn on!
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