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Shiny G Shiny G

G-spot vibrator by Shaki Toys

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Shiny G reviews

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21 reviews

While the Shiny G is not the best vibrator in the world of vaginal use, it is decent for clitoral stimulation. The cock ring is completely useless for clitoral stimulation and you would be better off just buying something like the Candy G-spot Vibe instead as it is the same exact vibrator without the crappy cock ring.

Perfect for everyone, The Shiny G is definitely worth its steal of a price. It's worth a lot more, to be quite honest. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you'll love The Shiny G. It's curved for both g-spot & prostate stimulation! If using by yourself, the vibrator setting selection is in easy reach. If you're using with a partner--well, it's double the fun! I suggest some lube and batteries!

I think that this toy is worth it for a beginners prostate toy, and it worth the money for the short term. If you want a real prostate massager I would still recommend spending the extra money for a 'real' one.

This toy is totally worth the money because it vibrates and it is easy to insert. Nothing needs to be changed. This toy is fine the way it is.

Why do you have to be mean to my G-spot, Shiny G? I was nice to you. Your power is average and you may be awkwardly sized, but still, I tried you. But your pointy tip just had a vendetta against my G-spot. Sorry, but we must end this abusive relationship.

If you are looking for a G-spot toy that will blow your socks off this definitely is not it. While the toy is cute it is cheaply made and not very effective. Cough a few more bucks and get something better made instead. You'll be glad you did!

I wouldn't purchase this item for G-spot stimulation. It's not very "insertable-friendly". It's hard to work into just the right angle to get any enjoyment from.

This is definitely not a toy that will ever make my top ten vibrators (or any other toy) list. Though the strong vibrations are quite enjoyable on the clit, it leaves much to be desired for the actual g-spot area, it's rather hard and uncomfortable.

If you can get it for free, like me, it 's not a bad catch. I wouldn't waste the money on purchasing, though. It just doesn't stand out from anything else. I'm sure there's better g-spot toys around!

If you're looking for a great G-spot toy, keep looking. The design of this one makes it more likely to stab and poke the inside of the vagina rather than find and do anything pleasurable to the G-spot. It does however, make a pretty decent clit vibe. Just make sure that you don't use the cock ring on anything but the toy.

In all, it's an okay toy. I recommend this toy for beginners or anal play. It comes with a free crock ring which is one thing that I like about it. It is easy to travel with. You can take anywhere.

While the Shiny G doesn't work well for my g-spot, it was decent at clitoral orgasms. I enjoyed using it for an extended period of time to tease my way to orgasms since the small end had trouble staying on my also small clit. I did not like the loud noise or the chipping paint though!

This is a cheap vibe that some may like. It really did not stimulate my g-spot. It has nice vibrations, but there are better toys out there for the price.

This vibrator is worth the money and is a great G-spot or even prostate massager. It's loud but energetic, and satisfying if you don't mind fighting with the controller a bit.

This is a really pretty toy, but not one I will be using on myself again. I think I'm going to give this one to my husband. He seemed to enjoy this one more than I did. My main complaint from this toy is the girth. Maybe had it been thicker, I would have enjoyed it more. But it just felt like I inserted a stick inside of me, not a vibrator.

It's nothing to rave about, but I received this as a free gift so there is nothing to complain about either!

The Shiny G is the very first g-spot vibrator that my narrow body has been able to handle and love. It's strong and cute. It's little ring really does add to play. But the paint chips off at the drop of a hat.

All in all, personally I would stay away from it. Who knows though, maybe it's just me. If I was looking for something for anal play, this just might be it. I will do a follow up later on that.

The Shiny G is a small, inexpensive g-spot vibrator. It has moderate vibrations and a small tip that I would have preferred wider for better g-spot stimulation. It’s not too noisy and it’s easy to hide away. It comes with a simple, stretchy cock ring that your partner should enjoy.

It's so cheap that it would make a great novelty gift. But really if you're looking for enjoyment, there are better vibrators out there; including some in a similar price range.

The Shiny G works amazing for turning me on and getting me in the mood, but it was very difficult to achieve an orgasm with it slipping out of my hands and vagina.

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