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Stop Stabbing Me!

If you're looking for a great G-spot toy, keep looking. The design of this one makes it more likely to stab and poke the inside of the vagina rather than find and do anything pleasurable to the G-spot. It does however, make a pretty decent clit vibe. Just make sure that you don't use the cock ring on anything but the toy.
Vibrations are deeper than one might expect, Good clit toy
Stabby on the G-spot, Cock ring will try to kill a penis
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Intended to be used as a G-spot vibrator, the Shiny G is probably best suited for use as a clitoral vibrator as the G-spot nub is hard and stabby and will probably not provide any pleasure unless you like incredibly precise and hard stimulation on your G-spot. It comes with a cock ring that's supposed to be the "key to your clitoral orgasm," and can only be used with the toy.

Material / Texture

The toy itself is made of a hard plastic that has no smell or taste to it. It's covered with a shiny metallic coating that's completely smooth. There's a few spots on mine where the finish has some imperfections and while I haven't experienced any chipping yet, these imperfections are where I expect it to start chipping first. Being plastic it's non-porous and phthalate free.

The cock ring doesn't have a material listed, and while it could be TPR or TPE, it could also just be jelly so you should make sure you don't share it without a condom and ditch it when it starts to show wear or change colors. It does have some drag to it, but doesn't really have a smell to it at all.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the toy could use some improvement, mostly with the G-spot curve. It's a total of 7" in length with just over 6" insertible, and the curve that comes out about an inch ends with a point that's almost sharp. It's also only 2 1/2" around, so it's best for those who know they don't like much girth. While it doesn't have an offensive appearance, it's also fairly obvious what this is, so you should keep it tucked away if you don't want others to see. It's small enough that it would travel very well though.

The cock ring has an unstretched diameter of 5/8". It does stretch, but not much more than to fit the toy. Mine has rows of alternating spikes all around it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Shiny G is pretty easy to use, all you need is 2 AAA batteries to get started, making sure not to remove the paper from the battery compartment. It's there to help reduce noise and hold the batteries steady. The battery cap features a twist dial that controls the vibrations. On the highest setting, while this certainly isn't whisper quiet it's also not that loud. You'd be fine under some blankets with the door closed. The vibrations are focused mainly in the tip of the toy and are surprisingly deep and rumbly, at least for what I was expecting. They'll make your hand numb if you're holding the tip, but if you're gripping the base, you won't really feel anything. While the packaging says not to use it in the shower or bath, it survived being used in the shower with no problem. It even got dropped and sat right under the stream of water for a few moments before being picked up with no problems. I wouldn't submerge it, but you should be safe in the shower with it. I really believe the best use for this is as a clitoral vibrator or as something to tease nipples or other erogenous zones. The point will probably cause pain or discomfort for most users.

The cock ring can be used on the toy to either add clitoral stimulation or to create a base for safer anal play. It easily slides onto the toy and moves around with ease as well. Do not put this on your penis!!!!! Sure, it might stretch enough for it, and it might feel good for a bit, but unless you're only wanting a few minutes of use, avoid it. When I put it on my finger just to test it out, my finger swelled and changed color and I definitely lost some blood flow. I understand that that's the point of a cock ring on a penis, but my finger is as far around as the toy is, and much smaller than a real penis. If it caused my finger pain, it will probably not be as kind to a real live penis, so keep the cock ring for use on the toy only.

Care and Maintenance

The toy should be washed with warm soapy water or a toy spray, but even after one cleaning it seems to have lost some of its luster. Not any of its paint or anything, but it's definitely not as shiny as it was to begin with. You can use any body safe lube you want with this since it is plastic, and you can store it pretty much anywhere because it's not going to pick up any lint. I'd make sure to store it somewhere where the finish won't get damaged.

The cock ring can be cleaned with warm soapy water and stored in a cool dry place away from other toys. Keeping it in a plastic bag will keep it safe until you decide you have no further use for it. It should be pitched when it either starts tearing or when it starts to cloud or change colors.


The packaging was less than impressive, although not horrible. Clamshell that holds the toy separately from the cock ring, complete with scantily clad lady trying to pose all sexy-like and not having any interaction with the toy at all. The back does have some information on batteries and cleaning, and it says not to use it in the shower or bath.


I really wasn't expecting much from this, but I do like it all the same. It isn't something I will ever try to use internally again, because it hurt like hell, but I do really like it on the clit. The vibrations really surprised me with how deep they were, I was expecting something really buzzy and whiny and barely there, but it's actually pretty decent. I have clitoral toys that I like better, so when it dies I probably won't replace it, but I definitely don't regret having it. I know it was one of the free gifts, but I would have paid for it once. The cock ring I've only messed with once or twice. I don't really care about having it on the toy since I'm using the vibrating part on my clit and with how uncomfortable it made my finger after only a minute or two (literally) of use, I refuse to subject my husband's penis to that.

Overall, not bad if you're looking for a clit toy or as an introduction to clit toys. Nothing astounding, but there are worse toys out there.
Follow-up commentary
I'm 98% sure I ended up tossing this. If I haven't already, it's going out in my next cleanout. It's something I tried, didn't like much, and haven't bothered to pick up again.
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