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Silicone bunny buddy reviews

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29 reviews

As far as free gifts go, this is better than some. The watch batteries are a real plus, though the rest of the toy is pretty cheap and creepy-looking. The bullet will be too buzzy to appeal to a lot of people, and the fact that it can't be sterilized is a letdown. Many were disappointed because the Mystery Gift was supposed to have a value of $20, but quite frankly, I wouldn't even pay the list price of $15.

The Bunny Buddy is made of cheap material and the bullet is buzzy and unpleasant. The watch batteries are not convenient. If you enjoy the sleeve, rejoice: It will fit on other standard size bullets!

If you or someone you know is looking for some good gag gifts you have got to get at least one of these.

This toy was included in the mystery gift promotion for me, and sadly it was disappointing. Far too loud to be discreet, the sleeve dampens the vibrations of the bullet too much and its face makes you feel a little guilty you are about to use it to masturbate. All and all, just not a really good toy. You would be better off getting just a simple bullet

Bunny Buddy is a cute little sleeve for a bullet vibrator. The included vibrator has moderate one-speed intensity and is buzzy. If that doesn't work for you, the bullet can be replaced with something else if desired. It should be noted the material is TPR not silicone as the name implies. I wasn't crazy about the bullet, but I replaced it with Salsa. That's a much better combo.

I can't say I'll be recommending this bunny to anyone. It doesn't have any power to speak of, and it is too loud to be a discreet teaser. I don't mind toys with faces, but I do mind toys that don't get me off.

This is a waste of silicone. The bullet is the only thing worth while, and I would not even pay for batteries when the free ones are dead.

The Silicone Bunny Buddy is one of those cute and playful clitoral vibrators that are less intimidating for beginners. It's also waterproof, easy to hide, and fairly discreet to those who have never seen one of these before. It may not be 100% silicone but it's still a decent material, especially considering that you really won't be inserting this. I say it's a decent purchase, and you will find a toy like this in just about every toy collection.

This is a very strong one speed bullet vibrator. It comes with either a blue or pink bunny sleeve. The sleeve is a bit cartoonish for me. With the sleeve it does offer good pinpoint stimulation through the ears. The bullet is so strong that it will numb your hand rather quickly. You can use this anywhere on the body. You can use the bullet in other toys or sleeves.

For a free gift, I can't really be too upset. This is best for beginners, which I am not. The vibrations are buzzy, the toy is loud, and the material isn't one I would choose for myself ever. Still, it was free, and it was a surprise.

Tickle Pink: a very cheap, very sweet, apple/strawberry flavored wine. I drank a lot of this in the 80's. It was light pink in color and the light buzz you got from the wine was pleasant but not quite what you were looking for...too sweet to be able to drink very much of, it sure did tickle when sliding down your throat. Funny, how a light pink, inexpensive bunny with a very light buzz and too innocent to be a sex toy look can bring back the memories, isn't it?

I received this toy as a free gift, and it's pretty good as far as free gifts go. If I had paid for it, though, I would've been pretty disappointed. It's buzzy, and it just doesn't do a thing for me. On the plus side, it does come with batteries, and the bunny sleeve can be used with my Salsa vibe.

This one is really disappointing. But, it is silicone and despite the way that it looks I can insert my higher quality bullets to make it jump better. The bullet that comes with it runs on the blasted watch watch batteries and it is weak.

Well, he's been discontinued, so he can't be directly purchased; however, if you enjoy strong, high-pitched vibrations that you can take into the bath or shower, and find yourself with the desire to giggle your way to orgasm, try adding the current Mystery Gift to your cart. Chances are good that you'll find this cartoonish little guy in your box! (Pun intended.)

There is no redeeming quality to this toy. Aesthetics aside for the moment, it's loud, buzzy, and made of a material that cannot be sanitized. Add in the creepy factor and awkward appendages, and you have a toy that is both disturbing and basically useless. Seriously, don't get this. Unless you hate someone. Then get them one in each color.

I strongly dislike this toy. The TPR was too floppy to insert easily. The bullet was the real problem. It was weak, one speed, and the loudest, most rattly vibrator I have ever experienced. If you love the sleeve for some reason, you can replace the bullet with a better one, but the sleeve is not that great either.

Silicone Bunny Buddy is a fun little toy if you're looking for a first toy or something to tease your partner with. While it's easy to use and has a nice design to it, it isn't without its faults. Be prepared to replace the bullet that's included with it, because it's not powerful enough for most and doesn't have enough variety.

The Silicone buddy bunny has a lot going for it. It's made from relatively body safe TPR silicone and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Although this won't be my favorite toy, I'm happy to add it to my collection.

There is not much wrong about the bunny sleeve of this toy, aside from the creepiness of the face. My problems all revolved around the bullet itself, which I remedied by replacing said bullet with one of a better quality.

If I hadn't got this as a free gift, I doubt I would ever purchase it. The bunny has a creepy face, collects hair and lint like crazy and the bullet is LOUD, like super loud.

The Silicone bunny buddy is a cute little sleeve fitting over a bullet to add some fun to your bedroom "activities". He is meant to use externally on your erogenous zones. There are many different ways to use him! The one speed bullet has decent power but some may be left wishing for more variety.

Overall I was pleased with this vibe. It has the power I like in a small package. The batteries are button batteries so more expensive but worth it if you can get them on sale.

For its cheap price tag, this toy is an amazing buy. The bullet has a few faults, but the high quality/low price silicone sleeve is absolutely amazing! This cute little guy should have a home in everyone's toy box.

This was a great beginner toy that had just enough stimulating vibrations to really work, but is still small and easy to hide away. This adorable toy is a great first choice for anyone wanting to try vibrators.

This is probably the cutest little vibe I have ever seen. It's little face looks so happy and the bullet has a good amount of power that is suitable for all users except those who require multi speeds or extremely heavy vibrations. The body safe materials and ease of care make this a wonderful addition to any toybox.

I think this little guy is awesome. He is cute, colorful, and fun to play with. He's pretty discreet and almost looks like a little nightlight or something. For the price this is a fantastic buy. Well constructed, with quality materials. Great for beginner and advanced users alike.

Given a better housing design, this would be a good, discreet pocket rocket, or it would be good as is, if a partner was the one demonstrating this toy on you. Glory be on this. The battery design and use was exceptional. I played with it for about 20 minutes and the battery power was still strong.

This is an item like no other, it is inexpensive but very pleasurable by yourself or while using it with others.

It has only one speed, but it's surprisingly powerfully - the vibrations can even be felt through jeans and clothing. The vibrations turn on via a button on the bottom of the vibrator, and they stay on until you push the button again, so you don't have to worry about holding it down.

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