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Touche Ice big reviews

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20 reviews

Perfect for those hot summer nights when you want to cool off when you are hot. We have both the small version and the larger version. The larger one works better the larger hands of my husband. It also holds more ice (or other frozen liquid). We love these for temperature play both for having a firm grip on your ice, having more ice and (most important) not freezing your finger tips off while playing. Vibrations do not carry well through the ice.

The Touché Ice Big is a frozen egg vibrator. It is simple to prepare, but takes time. You either have to know that you are going to want to use it in advance, or just keep it in the freezer when not in use. With the multiple functions and powerful vibrator, it will provide you with a pleasant blending of sensation. During the hot summer months, you will be glad to have this in your toy arsenal.

Awesome for holding ice or other frozen liquids. Vibrations are weak, do not carry through ice, and not worth the time to put on. It takes watch batteries so it will be costly to use if you like the vibrations. Awesome quality silicone. Takes a bit to get it set up but once you get it ready you can leave it in the fridge until you are ready. If it had better vibrations, I would have rated it a 5 but took one point off for that.

While this ice egg is a unique concept, the design has not been perfected yet. It takes too long to freeze in comparison to the time that it takes to melt. The ice doesn't always fit snugly on the base. Occasionally, it scares the crap out of me when the last little bit of ice seemingly explodes due to the vibrations. I don't regret trying it, but it doesn't top my list of favorite toys either.

I really love this nifty little toy, it keeps me my hands from freezing right off. If you are looking to add some temperature play to your love life this is the perfect toy. It would get 5 stars if the vibrations were a bit stronger.

Need a treat on a hot summer's day? This toy will cool you down in all the right places. Whether alone or with a man, Touche Ice can be used to enhance your foreplay, add a new exciting feeling to a sexual experience or even sooth irritation after a lengthy night of passion.

If you don't know about the wonders of ice during sexytime, you're really missing out on something. If you do, you're crazy for not having this. Not only is it ice, but it's vibrating ice! Even though it does vibrate, it's not meant to be used like a normal vibrator. This guy is more for teasing and tantalizing and as your opening act instead of the finale. I couldn't think of any better way to cool down on a hot, steamy day.

Overall, this is an amazing product that I'd recommend to anyone. It works great for sensual sex play, and it will definitely help spice things up for you and partner. While I don’t recommend it for genital use for lengthy periods since it will numb you up, this works perfect for small periods of genital use or lots of full body use. This is going to be the best way to cool down this summer!

Some may like it hot, but if you like it cold, the Touché Ice will be a real treat for you. It's the thrill of temperature play with the added bonus of good vibrations.

Cute and great for couples during foreplay, but it lacks the punch needed to push someone over the edge. The bullet is hardly felt through the ice and is difficult to remove.

If you are into chilling out with your toys, this is a must have for your collection. A toy that turns into a frozen half egg shaped block of ice! Loads of function in the bullet, although you may be so enticed with the ice that you may not need it.

This is something everyone who loves temperature play should have. The bullet makes ice that much more fun. It is definitely something I recommend for any couple.

This toy was a bit of a disappointment. I was really hoping it would last longer than it did. The ice melted so fast and the batteries didn't hold out as long as I had hoped.

Touche is a fun, attractive egg vibrator that can be used with included mold to create half vibrating egg and half round ice egg. Try something new and experience cool temperature play with this 100% silicone egg that is safe for your body and a great experience for solo play or couples.

The Touché Ice big is a really interesting and unique product. It is a lot of fun to use with a partner or solo. You won't mind the water dripping all over you because it feel so good! The cold will raise goosebumps, sensitivity, and arousal.

I think this is the perfect toy add to your collection or maybe a first time toy. It is very innocent and discreet, with the power to ignite some serious heat in the bedroom. I would recommend this for couples who are looking to spice up the bedroom scene.

This toy is certainly one of a kind. Despite it's flaws its new and innovative idea and execution make it something that everyone should try at least once.

The vibrating factor was disappointing and there was only one speed. I would like to see thing thing after a makeover! Make it stronger with different speeds, or vibrations!

The Touche Ice Big is a creatively designed toy meant to be used for temperature play, allowing the user to better control the ice portion of the device without actually having to hold onto the ice. Those looking for intense vibrations, however, may need to look elsewhere for strong vibes.

The idea of this toy is brilliant: an egg-shaped vibrating popsicle! The Touché Ice is definitely one of a kind. If you have a love for sensation play with ice and vibrators, here you have a two in one combo that at first is strange and confusing, but is then instantly lovable, amazing, and orgasmic! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Get yourself one of these icy bad boys, or two!

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