Ice Just Couldn't Get Any HOTTER!

The idea of this toy is brilliant: an egg-shaped vibrating popsicle! The Touché Ice is definitely one of a kind. If you have a love for sensation play with ice and vibrators, here you have a two in one combo that at first is strange and confusing, but is then instantly lovable, amazing, and orgasmic! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Get yourself one of these icy bad boys, or two!
Strong bullet vibe, the whole idea of a 'vibrating popsicle' is just really cool (literally).
You have to prepare this toy in advance and expect to wait a couple of hours before using it
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As strange as this may sound, the Touché Ice is very much like a vibrating egg-shaped Popsicle; if there ever was one (if not, well, here it is!). You have to prepare this toy as if you are making a homemade frozen pop: first, you take the ice holder and fill it with water, take the vibrating bullet out of the ice grip (batteries are included in the bullet), gently place the ice grip on top of the ice holder, put the Touché Ice in the freezer, and wait for the water to freeze (at least 4 hours does the trick, or overnight).

Afterward, you take it out of the freezer, place the bullet in the ice grip, and then carefully (and SLOWLY) remove the ice holder and voila, you have solid hard ice on the bottom of the Touché, and soft and lovely silicon at the top with the bullet acting as some sort of yummy vibrating center. The bullet is extremely strong, loud, and powerful; when you press the button, the entire Touché vibrates all over, and it is quite orgasmic and exciting. If one hasn’t figured it out, this toy is NOT meant for full-on penetration, mostly for sensation play.

This toy creates such shocking sensations at that (in a good way). You can caress the ice along the nipples, breasts, neck, small of the back, clitoris, thighs, pussy lips, ass crack, and maybe against the anus or pussy hole to create a very strange and yet new and wild experience, especially while using the bullet vibrator. It sure will cool you down, but also make your body heat rise. You will shiver with pleasure as the ice melts. If you are done playing with this toy and the ice hasn't yet melted, just refill it and put it back in the freezer.

Sure, it is strange, and very new, but it works! You can use the silicon/bullet end of the Touché Ice in the same manner: use it as a tickler, a massager, and a tease. If ice doesn’t turn you on, you can also use chocolate (heat it up in a pan, pour it in the ice holder, then freeze), pineapple juice, a cocktail, basically anything that is liquid and that you’d want to drip all over you as it melts. Be creative, this toy calls for that (things that come to mind that I’d like to try with my Touché: jello, pudding, vodka, etc.). If you don’t want the 'popsicle' effect, you can also just use this toy plain: you can grip the bottom of the ice grip by the fingers and twirl, rub, or massage the Touché Ice anywhere, or just use the bullet vibe on its own.
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Material / Texture

The ice grip is made of soft and firm blue silicon, and the ice holder is made of plastic. The texture of the ice grip is ripped, which adds a very spine tingling sensation when in vibration mode. The ice is, well, icy, but the texture is absolutely smooth and adds much stimulation when pressed against the clitoris, nipples, ass, and pussy.

Design / Shape / Size

The Touché Ice basically is designed and shaped like an egg, which adds an even higher dimension to its uniqueness. Because of its design and shape, when you first look at this thing you might think, “What the hell do I do with this?” When you realize how this toy functions, you can’t help but be impressed by how innovative it is in many ways, even brilliant. Yet, its design and shape does have its problems.

It isn’t the easiest toy to maneuver throughout play if you are having solo fun. You have to grip the silicon end rather firmly with your fingers, naturally holding it by the ice end is just slippery. This toy as a whole can be slippery and clumsy. This isn’t the type of toy that you’d use if you want a quickie, and if you are planning to use this with a partner, you do have to prepare it in advance as well as actually teach him or her how to use it (thank goodness they have a step-by-step instruction guide).

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet vibe is basically the center of all the fun in this toy. The bullet vibe already comes with 3 watch batteries, so you can play with this toy immediately after the ice is frozen. I was really surprised at how strong the bullet is, perhaps the strongest I have seen by far.

At first, this toy might be a bit tricky to use and get the hang off. I would suggest that before you use the vibe function, just use the toy without it and get used to how you grip the silicon and ensure that the ice isn’t going to slip off or cause any sort of discomfort for yourself or your partner. Once you put the vibe function into gear, it really is quite an experience to play around with this egg-like vibrating popsicle.

This toy is also waterproof. This toy can add a bit more excitement to a hot summer day, and is overall a fun way to play with hot and cold sensations.

Care and Maintenance

You can boil and bleach the ice grip, or put it in a dishwasher. The ice holder can be washed with soap and water. Make sure you take out the bullet vibe when washing the ice grip. That’s about it! I would say that this toy is cute and adorable enough to display it in your room or on a desk or table because it looks so innocent. Just remember that when you put it in the freezer, put it in the back, so to not arouse suspicion if you don’t want anybody messing with it (but if they ask what it is, just say you are making a popsicle).


The Touché Ice is absolutely brilliant! At first I thought, what a strange toy this is and what can I do with this? Well, needless to say, this toy turned out to be quite a surprise thrill. I took it out of the freezer and was surprised that the ice had stayed on the ice grip perfectly. At first I was afraid that the ice would have either slipped off in the process of me taking off the ice holder, but it stayed on nice and tight.

The ice was nearly translucent because I had used boiled water instead of plain tap water; it looked gorgeous and sparkling, which added an even lovelier affect to such a novel kind of toy. A friend of mine came over to help me test it out, and we had a blast! The moment he touched the tip of the ice against my nipples and turned on the bullet vibe, my nipples instantly popped with pleasure. I was so aroused as the ice melted along my breasts and down to my belly button; he licked it off as he brushed the tip of the ice against my clitoris, my pussy lips, my back, and slightly penetrated the inside of my cooch and my ass hole. I came instantly! It was AMAZING!

I have never even been one to be turned on by ice, but this little guy has definitely opened my mind. The Touché Ice also makes a nice massager. I can bet in the summer it would just be a wonderful and far sexier way to cool off either by yourself or with your partner. Using fruit juice instead of water was also a treat. My friend and I also had this idea that the hole inside of the ice grip can also be used to fill up with alcohol. So basically, this guy can be transformed into a shot glass! I love this toy!
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