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Ice Makes Some Serious Heat In The Bedroom

I think this is the perfect toy add to your collection or maybe a first time toy. It is very innocent and discreet, with the power to ignite some serious heat in the bedroom. I would recommend this for couples who are looking to spice up the bedroom scene.
Good vibration, very discreet, not loud
Ice melts quickly
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extremely useful review


This is an absolute multifunctional toy. It can be used for foreplay, sensory play, temperature play, solo play (male and female). You can use it with or with out the ice, use the bullet alone or in the silicone egg. It's great to massage and tickle all the parts you want to try. Rub it on your nipples, lips, neck, back, vulva, clit, your partners balls, perineum, anus, behind the ears, any external body part. It creates amazing sensations on all your erogenous zones. Adding this to a sensual massage will give you a shocking, new, erotic sensation.

Material / Texture

The Touche' Ice's grip and base is made of a body safe, phthalate free, matte silicone. It is non-porous, has no odor and no taste, which is great especially if this ice is going in your mouth. The egg itself as well as the base both have a soft velvety texture to it. Both are soft and pliable. The egg is grooved, which provides grip when you get this toy wet. The grooves add a little extra stimulation when rubbing this toy all over your nether regions. The ice holder is made of thin clear, frosted plastic. I got mine in pink, and the color is vibrant, more of a hot pink/magenta I would say.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is amazing. It is somewhat egg shaped, but taller and skinnier. 4 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference. It fits easily into fingertips and palm of the hand. It is an ideal size and shape for it's many uses.

The bullet is alone is about 2 1/2 inches long and 2 inches in circumference. It is smooth, what appears to be smooth metal, maybe stainless steel, but very light, so I'm not 100% sure what it truly is. It has a black washer between itself and the cap making it waterproof. At the the top of the bullet is the easy to use, push power/mode button.

It is incredibly discreet, quite literally. Had I not purchased it I would have NO idea what it was. I even threw it in the freezer with company at my house and all. If the bullet isn't in the toy there would be no way to know it was a "sex toy" unless you owned one yourself. :) I wouldn't care if someone were to see this in my freezer, on my bed, in a suitcase or anywhere. I dare someone to figure out what this little goody is! LOL

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibration of this toy is located in the bullet, which you insert into upper portion of the toy. This isn't ideal. Although the bullet itself has good vibration, I found it doesn't transfer through to the ice very well. The bullet is fairly easy to remove from the egg, just push the button that the ice adheres too and it pops out easily. If you try to remove the bullet while there is still ice, that is another story. I had to let it sit until it melted and bite it off. Otherwise you can't get the bullet out.

The bullet has 10 modes of vibration, from a steady to several variants of pulsation. The control is located at the top of the bullet. It is a simple little black button. It is very easy to use when out of the egg and a little difficult when inserted into the egg with ice.

I did not think it was noisy whatsoever. It is a very low, barely audible buzz. Outside my room, or even my bed you wouldn't be able to hear it.

Being that the intention of this toy to be used with ice, I didn't venture into the bath or shower with it, because that would merely melt my ice:( Being waterproof though, I might still have to give it a whirl just to see but I'll probably just take the bullet alone.

Care and Maintenance

Mostly you will be using this toy with the ice, so lubes aren't going to be a huge concern. If you do need or choose to use a lube, choose a water based lube. Remember silicone lubes can deteriorate and ruin your silicone toy.

For cleaning, you simply remove the bullet, which I have to say can be a bit difficult sometimes. Being silicone, the Touche' Ice can be cleaned and sanitized by simply throwing it in the TOP rack of your dishwasher (without the bullet of course) or boiling it in water for 3 mins. The plastic ice holder can be washed with soap and water.

My toy hasn't left the freezer other than for play, then I clean it goes straight back to the freezer. I don't want to have to wait for 4 hours to play with my toy! I'm not ashamed to store on top of my dresser or in the closet. It's too innocent looking to arise any suspicions, and if it does I will lie! LOL


The packaging that it arrived in was a box about 7 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 3 inches thick, rather large for the minimal contents inside! Inside the box is a plastic case that conforms around the toy. It opens up easily and removal of the toy is easy. The packaging has only one real purpose and that is getting you your toy safely. Neither the box nor the plastic has much potential to store the toy in; both are too big, non-discreet, and don't provide easy access in the heat of the moment.

Included in the box is a Quick Start Manual. In this paper insert it lists the contents of the box, and a quick usage guide. The guide is six simple steps to getting your toy up and running. They have provided this in six languages including English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Russian. The little pamphlet also lists Tips and Tricks for your new toy. It also lists photos of the other Touche" toys.

Personal comments

When you fill the ice holder with water the instructions say to "completely fill with water". When I did this and placed the egg grip into it, the water overflowed. This made it difficult to remove the ice and ice holder from the base after it had been frozen. So I would suggest not filling it completely with water, find a level that makes it easiest for you. I tried to "loosen" mine with a little water, bad idea! It cracked my ice. I found that if the ice won't come loose, just start using toy with the plastic or hold it in your hand until it melts enough for easy removal. You can also spray the plastic ice holder with a little non-stick cooking spray for easier removal of the ice.

I found that although the bullet has good vibration I didn't feel like it transferred through to the ice all that well. I very much enjoyed all the modes of pulsating vibration that it has. I don't know that this is a toy that you want to use to bring an orgasm, but it definitely enhances sensation and the mood. It bring a little fun and adventure into the bedroom!


I wasn't sure about how actual ice would feel but it provides a new, amazing feeling stimulation. I started with using on myself just to experience the sensations that I could feel on all the different areas of my body. I started with my neck, down my chest, breasts, nipples, stomach, sides and up my thighs and ending at my girlie parts. Rubbing it externally on my vulva and clit. It was a shocking, new, wonderful sensation. Vibrating ice? Yes please!

Later my husband and myself started exploring each other with this "cool" little toy. He caressed it down all the parts of my body I couldn't reach myself, like my butt, back and back of the neck. As amazing as it felt using this alone, it felt even better in someones control. Despite how neat this idea is, the ice just doesn't last that long. So if you plan on using it on each other you sort of have to rush through it. The ice doesn't last nearly long enough to tantalize two bodies.

I found that this toy can also be used for a more innocent purpose also. It has more uses then you might think. Without the ice I played with it when I had a bit of a headache. I pressed the "button" that holds the ice, to my temples and forehead, and turned on the bullet. I won't go as far as to say it alleviated my headache but it definitely made it feel better.
Follow-up commentary
Why??? I used to like you soo much and then I killed you! Somehow, someway, your little plastic ice holder got thrown away...I don't know. But you, my friend, are out of commission. Now you are merely a bullet amongst all my other toys that aren't handicapped. I'm sorry I failed you...Maybe you will get a replacement part someday, and I can love you once again.
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