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Velvet pocket rocket reviews

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20 reviews

The Velvet Pocket Rocket is your average pocket rocket. I usually like this pocket rocket when I don't want a super-powered toy to get off. It's a bargain sex toy and a great purchase for beginners. Since beginners are usually unsure of what sex toys will best suit them, the Pocket Rocket has an inexpensive price tag that is very appealing. It's the perfect way to test out a sex toy without spending a lot of money.

Velvet Pocket Rocket is a great beginners toy and makes a fine teasing toy for couples. However, the lack of power behind the vibrations, the uncomfortable textured cap, and the overall quality of the toy leave me unable to recommend this product. There are much better compact, travel friendly options available here, at EdenFantasys.

This has the weakest vibrations I've found of any toy ever. Sure it is small and quiet but it trades power for being discrete.

A good toy for beginners, those who can't stand strong vibrations, or for someone who needs quiet toys. It is terrible for those who need stronger vibrations.

Some people may find this pocket rocket just what they need for solo play whereas others might not. My partner and I found it a major disappointment and wouldn't tell our friends about it.

The market is literally flooded with options, many of which provide more bang, or in this case "Buzz", for your buck.

As a freebie, the Velvet Pocket Rocket us a good one. It's even a good value if you are looking for an affordable toy with an average strength. So long as you are okay with some minor aesthetic issues and don't need bells or whistles, this can be a toy for you.

Overall, this toy has too many issues for me to recommend it. Between the poor design of the controls, the hard plastic uncomfortable nubs, and the lack of versatility, this toy isn't one I'd suggest. Spend your money elsewhere.

This toy has proven its convenience over the years. Doesnt require an army of batteries for one night of use. Its a great first buy. Good for any beginner in clitoral stimulation.

I really can't recommend this toy to anybody. While it is a very quiet toy with a nice texture, its cons just seem to outweigh it's pros. I found the toy I received had structure cracks in the cap and had issues with a filmy 'gunk.'

I'm glad I got this toy for free -- I would have been disappointed if I had purchased it for myself. The vibrations are decent for a vibrator that uses only one AA battery, but the velvet pocket rocket makes enough noise and has enough design flaws that I doubt I'll use it often. It is significantly stronger than a bullet and makes a good travel-sized clitoral vibe, but only if noise isn't a concern.

Doc Johnson has for some reason taken their fantastic staple of the sex toy world and made it just slightly worse. It still works well enough, but it's a little bit weaker, a little bit louder, and for some reason sticky like melted hard candy. Go with one of the three other nearly identical Pocket Rockets from the same manufacturer, and you'll be happier.

I think the velvet pocket rocket is an okay toy. It offers medium intensity vibrations in a small body. The vibe seems to be put together pretty well and is made of a non-porous material. The size is great to carry with you in a purse, bag, or pocket. Unfortunately, this only offers one vibrating function: a constant, medium intensity vibration. It's also pretty loud for something so small.

This is a small discreet toy, which is probably best for people that require weak vibrations. If you need strong vibrations I would recommend you stay away from this toy.

This toy does not feel good, not is it easy to use. It is frustrating to operate because the way to turn it off can also open the battery compartment. It is moderately powerful, but it has no functions. It's rigidity was not pleasant on my most delicate clitoris.

If you're looking for something easy to use for getting things started, this compact vibe is a great option. For those who are looking for deep, rumbly vibrations, pocket rockets probably are not the solution.

Over the years, I've own many toys, but I've never owned a "pocket rocket". When I saw that this was available as a free gift with purchases over $70, I knew that it was finally my chance to find out what all the fuss was about. Sadly, however, this pocket rocket left me saying, "that's it?", and wanting more. That being said, this pocket rocket would be a decent choice for those of you that don't need a lot of power to get off.

I think this is a great toy to use solo or with a partner and is a great addition for beginner to advanced users.

A basic massager is what this is - nothing more, nothing less. If you want a vibrator, buy one. If you want a small massager, this isn't a bad option.

If you don't need extremely strong vibrations, this might be the toy for you. It's cute, small, has a delightful nubby texture, and is very quiet. If you have this toy under a blanket, no one should hear it at all. It's not the strongest toy, but this little guy makes up for that by being cute, and keeping his noise level down!

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