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Seed Seed

Clitoral vibrator by Zini

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18 reviews

This vibrator is good for someone who likes a hard, rigid vibrator made for pinpoint stimulation. The Seed is also a vibrator of high quality materials with a range of settings with moderate vibrations. Though the Seed is not quite right for everyone, it is very well made!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a ton of toys, so it's rare that there is a toy that leaves me at a loss for words. The Zini seed is my new go-to vibe. It fits comfortably in my hand and provides the deep rumbling vibrations I love and bonus, there are several patterns of vibration to choose from if you like a little more variety in your vibe.

This clitoral vibrator is ergonomic , compact and very easy to use, with lots of cool functions. It offers quiet vibrations and exceptional pin-point stimulation. However, the buzzy vibrations take away from what would otherwise be a great toy for me.

While the unique shape, rechargeability, and enough patterns to rock your world, the buzzy, weak vibrations made this toy fall flat.

If you are looking for a product that seems futuristic then this product is for you. However, if you are looking for a great toy, I'd look somewhere else.

I love just about everything about the Zini Seed. I love it's design. I love the colors. I love the cool color changing lights. I love how it feels in my hand. I love the perfect design of the tip. I love the amazing silicone. I love the easy to use controls. All of that, sadly, will not make this toy useable if the power isn't enough for you and it wasn't for me. This may be the most heartbreaking purchase I have ever made. I literally almost cried when I finally gave up on it.

Overall, I enjoyed the Seed. The craftsmanship of the toy is superb, and I was able to satisfy myself with it. I would recommend this toy to couples as well as singles. Those who are beginners to masturbation. This is a great tool that will help you learn how to touch yourself. The reason I give this toy four stars is because of weak level of vibration.

She is quiet, has plenty of power, rechargeable and packed full of vibrating patterns to please even the fussiest of people. The Seed was made with clits in mind but is versatile enough for even men to enjoy. This is one clit vibe that had to grow on me over a period of time but now I'd miss it if anything happened to it.

Overall, I was disappointed with this toy on some levels. The waterproof LIE upset me a lot, but after time I've learned to flawlessly use this toy. I find the placement of the motor awkward, but like I said, simply laying it on the labia, over the clit, will give you the full intensity (Compared to trying pinpoint stimulation, where the toy is only a 3 vroom). It's worth it in some ways, and not in others. You decide. I don't regret buying it.

The power wasn't there on this one to make it a good toy for me, but people who need less intense toys (or who enjoy the buzzier side of life) will enjoy this one.

The Seed is a great product, and worth every penny. Buying The Seed was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

The Seed has features and packaging that stand up to (if not exceed) those of most other luxury clit vibes, but there is one major area where it can't compete: power. If most bullets are enough for you and you want to upgrade to a luxury toy, the Seed might be perfect for you. If you're like me and need a lot of kick in a vibrator, coloured lights and a pretty box don't mean much when the toy just isn't strong enough to do the job.

The Seed is definitely far from being a cheap toy, but it is still worth the money. The vibrations are strong for a toy that doesn't plug into the wall and it's quite possibly the quietest vibrator I've ever heard. The vibrations might end up making your fingers go a little bit numb, but the Seed is still worth the price.

I am on the fence with this vibrator. I really wanted to love it and I was soo excited when it arrived. Overall though, I just found that the vibrations were not strong enough. I also love to use clitoral vibrators during sex but found that this one would just not stay in place. If you don't need really strong vibrations though, this could be the toy for you, as it is made of good quality materials and offers pinpoint precision.

The Zini Seed has a great design which is perfect for the woman who wants to stimulate her clitoris and only her clitoris. The narrow finger-like tip can focus the vibrations exactly where you want them. It’s powerful and packs a variety of innovative vibration patterns. The colored LEDs show you exactly which pattern you’re using and how much charge the battery holds.

Let the party begin! A bright rainbow of "disco" lights spice up the Zini Seed, as well as a seemingly never-ending array of rhythmic patterns and pulses that will have your clitoris throbbing along to the beats.

The Zini Seed screams luxury in the quietest way possible. With multiple speeds and settings, and pinpoint vibrations you will surely not be disappointed.

The Seed will likely become my Go-To over my Mimi due to its ease of use and pinpoint vibrations. It's the first toy that I've ever had in my possession that can arouse my clitoris in the way it does. I would only give it 4.5 stars because of its slight sensitivity, but the foot-burning arousal bumps it right back up to 5!

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