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My ZINI Seed Experience

Overall, I was disappointed with this toy on some levels. The waterproof LIE upset me a lot, but after time I've learned to flawlessly use this toy. I find the placement of the motor awkward, but like I said, simply laying it on the labia, over the clit, will give you the full intensity (Compared to trying pinpoint stimulation, where the toy is only a 3 vroom). It's worth it in some ways, and not in others. You decide. I don't regret buying it.
Comes with storage, Interchangeable Charger, Unique design, Good during sex, Quiet
Placement of motor takes away from intensity, Not waterproof
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ZINI Seed was my first ZINI toy that I've ever owned, and I have a very on and off relationship with it, as you will see. I purchased it around the time that it first came out, which seems like a very long time ago. I own the black/purple seed, as I find the other color combinations to be tacky.

The ZINI Seed was intended to be a clitoral stimulator, along with a stimulator for the labia of the vagina. However, it also works great to stimulator other pinpointed erogenous zones such as the perineum, the scrotum, etc. Anywhere you want to be teased, basically. So it's a wonderful foreplay toy, and the size really makes this easy.

It's not bulky (obviously), so it doesn't get in the way during use. You can lay it against the labia and let it vibrate and tease you, all on it's own! You can do this during sex to add stimulation if coming to an orgasm is difficult. This was probably the main use I have and have had for this toy, because I did not find it affective as a clitoral stimulator... At least not enough to make me orgasm quickly through that type of stimulation. The motor is in a really weird spot so although it is strong, the tip isn't strong enough since the motor is so far away. It takes me a little longer to orgasm with this one, but it is possible.

In my opinion, it's close to being whisper quiet. Even my Je Joue MiMi is extremely loud compared to the ZINI Seed. This means it's perfect for living on campus, at home with parents, or in an apartment with thin walls (which sucks if you have old people living nextdoor!!!).

Material / Texture

The ZINI Seed is made of, like it's brothers and sisters, body-safe plastic and silicone. I was turned off at first because of the plastic. It's very light in weight, and I remember wondering if it was going to be a cheap toy. I was entirely wrong and like I said in my ZINI Ran video, plastic has never gone better with silicone!

There is no smell or taste to this toy, which is always good. If you're a person like me who adds a little spit here and there as natural lubricant, or at least a lick to keep things wet, you don't want a toy that has a nasty taste. You don't have to worry about that with the ZINI Seed.

There isn't any texture to this toy. Like the other ZINI's, it's smooth and buttery. It glides across the skin with no drag whatsoever, and with lubricant it's practically a slip n' slide! I would have loved for this to have some sort of texture on the tip. (This is just a suggestion, and I don't find it to be a flaw). I think some very slight bumps or a more matte finish on the silicone would make this a lot better for clitoral stimulation.
    • No odor
    • No taste

Design / Shape / Size

I really like the shape. I think the shape of a seed is very unique and perfect for what the toy was intended to stimulate - the vaginal lips and the clitoris. The only issue is that the motor is placed deeper in the toy, taking away from the pinpoint stimulation that many women want. YES, you can still give yourself pinpoint stimulation, of course. It will just FEEL weaker - about a 3 vroom - even though this toy, altogether is really a 4 vroom toy. The placement of the motor was a mistake.

I can personally get off from the Seed on occasion. There are some days when my clit is just made of steel, and I need something much stronger. But on my sensitive days, this does the trick. It's actually great for those days after you've had some rough play and your clit is overly sensitive and maybe even a little painful to the touch. The buttery feeling makes it glide easy, and doesn't hurt you at all.

A lot of people have asked me if the seed was meant to be inserted. To put it nicely... Hell NO! For one, the Seed has a crevasse that is loose in which water or fluids can easily get underneath if you were to place this toy under running water or inside of you. I even have to be careful with my Seed when using many lubricants. I mentioned this with my Ran, so you can go see that video if you'd like. I don't really feed like making another video just for the seed because it is basically repetitive in many ways. For two, this probably wouldn't feel comfortable since there is no "give" or bend to the toy. If you insist on inserting this, at least put it in a condom.

The size is definitely GREAT for travel. And since ZINI is cool enough to provide you with a waterproof bag that easily holds both the Seed and it's charger... even the user's manuals. The bag makes it great for carry-on on a plane, and that, to me is a plus. You may have some issues getting your toy in to the airport, like I did, but whatever!

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy is easily controlled by three buttons. A "+", a round button, and a "-". It's definitely one of the easier toys to control... I'll say that much. You get through your first 5 speeds using the plus button, and to switch to your 10 pulsation modes, you press the middle round button once. After that you cycle through your pulsations using the plus. To return to previous levels, a simple hit of the "-" button does the job. It's a breeze.

You can lock the ZINI Seed to keep it from dancing around in your purse. To do that, you first press and hold the "-" button, and then the "+" button. You hold both of these buttons together (you must press the "-" first) for 2-3 seconds and it will lock RED. To unlock you repeat and it will unlock GREEN.

Just like the other ZINI toys, the control pad is very colorful during pulsation modes. I think this is just the coolest thing in the world, and seeing it light up in the dark is just the coolest thing. It adds a sensual touch that I love. The colors also come in handy for two things:

1) While charging, the ZINI toys will change colors to let you know how much of a charge the toy holds. Ex: 100% charge is a blue light. This is awesome because it will keep you from leaving your toy on the charger for too long, and it will let you know when your toy is finally ready for use.

2) It helps you remember which pulsation mode you liked the best. If you know you really enjoyed the green mode, then green it is! You'll always know what mode to go back to.

I find the controls extremely convenient and easy to use. You wouldn't even need the guide to learn how to use it. It's very straight forward and as I mentioned in my Ran review, I learned everything simply by experimentation. Giving the guides a look will make it easier for beginners. If it's your first toy then you might get a little confused.

This toy is very quiet... almost whisper quiet. The placement of the motor gives is a little bit more of a buzz than the ZINI Ran, but it isn't past a 2 bees at the highest level, which is quite alright by me. That is why I recommend it for college kids living at home or on campus, or people living in apartments with thin walls. No one will suspect a thing... unless you drop it and it dances loudly on your floor... but try not to do that!

It is NOT waterproof, like I mentioned both in this review and in my Ran review. ZINI claims that their entire line is waterproof, but that is very incorrect and I think the term "Water-Resistant Material" would have been better to say. Why? Well, the control pad is loose and has many crevasses. When I say "loose", I don't mean that it's falling apart. I mean that it's simply full of areas that water can get into. Just as I said about the Ran, this toy is a "wet-wipe ONLY" toy. So keep that in mind.

Care and Maintenance

Care is simple if you follow my advice.

1) DO NOT put this toy under running water, submerge it in water, insert it without a condom, or let lubricant get close to the control pad. It sounds hard, but it's easily do-able.

2) Clean this toy with wet wipes only. EdenFantasys has some great wet wipes as free gifts right now, but they are also available for purchase and you should stock up. There are other brands as well so take a look around. Stay away from toy sprays.

3) If you've already made the mistake of getting water into the control pad, use a can of air (Low cost - You can buy these at your grocery store for about $6 - They are used to clean keyboards) and air out the crevasses. Then, let the toy dry control-pad down in order to get rid of any moisture that may be left. DO NOT turn the toy on.

4) It's easy to get "gook" (as in vaginal juices, lubricants, and other fluids) into the crevasse where the silicone meets the plastic. Never fear... take a pen, cover it with a wet wipe, and scrape out whatever is in there.

5) Store your toy in it's bag and/or box. The bag is water-resistant (If you spill water on the bag, it trickles off) so it will keep your toy safe. The box is also water-resistant except for a few corners where the inner cardboard is showing. However, it will keep your toy as safe as possible from any water, humidity, or falls. It shuts very tightly because of the magnetic lock and would be hard to open without manually un-doing the magnetic portion.

If you follow these steps, your toy will be in it's best condition always. I know it seems like a lot of work... because it is. This is the reason why I'm not too much of a fan of this toy. It's not that I don't like the power, I just don't like all the work. However, once you know the do's and don'ts, it's much easier to avoid the don'ts and just have fun with it. So don't get discouraged right yet.


ZINI gives you some very high quality stuff to help maintain its products.

- Waterproof drawstring pouch, which easily holds the ZINI Seed, charger, and owner's manuals.

- Sturdy, totally reusable storage box. Looks just like a jewelry box, and has no words anywhere on the box except "ZINI". No one will suspect a thing.

- There were two manuals. One was your basic manual that explains the charger voltage, how loud the toy is, how long it takes to charge, etc. The other is the Quick Start Guide, and that explains how to use the toy. It's confusing so it make take about 3 looks to fully understand. I found "hands-on learning" was just easier. I recommending keeping both for later use. It comes in like... at least 10 languages.

- The charger. It comes with the USA outlet plug, but it is interchangeable for other countries. You do have to go and buy the other adaptors yourself from a local Radioshack, or tech store if you are planning to travel.

If you remove the small cardboard band from the box (it holds the box shut), the box would make a GREAT gift box. You could even throw some other goodies inside like lubricants, cock rings, or just whatever. It's up to you. The only reason I would remove the cardboard band is because it shows the toy and may be indiscreet.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


When I first got the Seed, I loved it. I used it all the time, everyday, for multiple things. Anything from foreplay and solo masturbation to simple massages on my neck (which I still use this for, by the way... feels great!). Over time, especially after purchasing the Je Joue MiMi, this toy just became too weak for my clitoris.

Like I said, it's a 4 vroom toy altogether, if you were holding it in your hand. Yet, the placement of the motor makes it FEEL like a 3 vroom toy. 3 vrooms is only enough to tease me. So I'm not exactly a fan of this toy, but I do still use it for purposes such as a neck massage or teasing during sex. It definitely works well during sex if you want something to lay between you and your man and to help your get clitoral stimulation. Since the motor is more centered, this usage is what I recommend.
Follow-up commentary
Obviously this wasn't one of my favorite toys, and that particular opinion just doesn't change for me. It's far too weak, and now that I have used more powerful toys it is impossible for me to enjoy this at all. It's great for beginners - I'm sure they can find use for it.
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