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Why Won't You Let Me Love You?

I love just about everything about the Zini Seed. I love it's design. I love the colors. I love the cool color changing lights. I love how it feels in my hand. I love the perfect design of the tip. I love the amazing silicone. I love the easy to use controls. All of that, sadly, will not make this toy useable if the power isn't enough for you and it wasn't for me. This may be the most heartbreaking purchase I have ever made. I literally almost cried when I finally gave up on it.
Multiple functions
Shiny lights
Soft silicone
May not be splash proof
May not be powerful enough for all users
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Zini Seed is an external vibrator made by Zini. It is primarily used for clitoral stimulation but could be used for external stimulation anywhere you so desire. It should not be used internally either vaginally or anally due to its small size. Keep this vibrator on the outside, please.

This is a great external vibrator for beginners or advanced users so long as you don't need a ton of power. It offers a lot of features and patterns. This may be one of the coolest toys I own. It lights up and everything!

The Seed is great for partner or solo play. It's a good size to use during sex, though there are smaller external vibrators that may get in the way a little bit less. However, this one is easy to hold and works very well for that purpose. It is not waterproof and I'm questioning the splash proof claim, so just keep this away from water when you play with it.

Material / Texture

The Seed is made of plastic and silicone. Plastic is an 8 on the safety scale and silicone is a 10. The silicone is what will actually come in contact with your body. The plastic has a pearl coat to it that give it an opalescent appearance. It has a glossy coat over that. It's hard and shiny and beautiful. The silicone is amazingly soft and powdery. There is no drag to it at all. I can run my fingers up and down it at hyper speed and they just don't get stuck on the material or slow down even a little. It has just as little drag as Je Joue silicone but is just a little bit less soft. This is some of the nicest silicone ever.

The surface is smooth. There is no added texture in the form of ridges or bumps or anything like that. If you need texture for clitoral stimulation, the Seed does not offer it. It offers the perfect smooth surface though. Beginners and advanced users should enjoy both the incredible material and smooth texture.

There is a silicone odor to the material, but I had to bring it to my nose to smell it. There is a powdery taste to it.

Design / Shape / Size

The Seed is shaped like some futuristic alien pod or something. Or a seed. Whatever. I like the idea of it being an alien flying pod much better, so I'm gonna stick with that. The product page says the length is 4 3/8 inches. I got 4.5 inches, but that's so close it's really splitting hairs. The product page says the insertable length is 1 inch. You shouldn't be inserting this, so I didn't measure that. They have the diameter as .75 inches. I have 5/8 of an inch. In this instance, I'm going with my measurements. It doesn't look like 3/4 of an inch to me. I could always be wrong, but it looks smaller than that.

The full length is just a little longer than my middle finger. It is just a tiny bit wider than my middle finger at the tip.

The size was way easier to hold than I thought. The curves were very ergonomic. When I held this, it cupped exactly to the curve of my hand. The length was just right where it was neither too large nor too small.

I was originally concerned the tip might be too broad as I like pinpoint stimulation. I was actually able to get a pretty decent pinpoint with this. Now, not as much as I can get with my Salsa, but I was able to get stimulation that was pleasurable with the tip. In face, I found the tip was ideal. It covered just the right amount of area without being too broad but without covering such a small amount of area that it was easy for it to move out of place.

This is an easy to hide toy. It's small in size and comes with a tiny pouch. You can put this in its pouch and it takes up very little space. It can be locked, so you can travel with it.

I would say it's pretty discreet. I don't think it looks like a vibrator, at least not a traditional one. I do think the design is beautiful and if I saw it at someone's house I would start asking questions, so be prepared for that. It's always hard to come up with some secondary function for a small, vibrating pod looking thing.

Honestly, I think this is possibly the best design for a clitoral vibrator ever. It's so nice to hold. It doesn't slip around, even with a lot of lube. The tip is pretty much perfect. It looks sleek and cool and just plain awesome. The color combo is beyond gorgeous, especially with the pearl in the plastic. So much love for the Seed design.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Okay, you guys, sit down. Are you sitting? There are three buttons on the Seed that control more features than you can shake a stick at. This will probably be the longest Functions portion of a review I've ever written. Feel free to skim for the info you're looking for. I really won't blame you.

There is a plus, a minus, and a circle. To turn on press the plus button. To turn off, click the minus button once if you are in the first constant vibration mode or hold the minus button for two seconds if you are in any other mode. To lock the device, hold the plus and minus button for three seconds. I did accidentally hit the buttons during use, but only once or twice. They are the easiest to use controls I have ever run across and more than make up for the two accidental presses. There is a learning curve, but once you get it, it's one smart vibrator.

When off, you can press the circle button and the Seed will tell you how much charge it has left. It will glow different colors that relate to the charge percent. Green is over 95% power. Light green is 70%-95% power. Yellow is 50%-70% power. Orange is 10%-50% power. Red is "charge me now!" or 0%-10% power. You can easily remember this by thinking of a stop light. Green means good to go, yellow means slowing down, and red means stop and charge.

Once on, you can go through the speeds with the plus and minus button. You can jump to the highest speed with a turbo boost feature at any time by holding down the plus button. This means you don't have to scroll through all the speeds to get to the highest one! How cool!

At the lowest setting, the Seed will vibrate at a level one vroom. The next speed will go to a low level two. The next is a higher level two. The next is a low level three. The next is a higher level three. The next and highest speed is a low level four.

I want to talk for a second about how I get to my level four "low/mid/high" ratings. I can cum from a mid to high level four. At a mid level, I have to try hard, but I can do it. At a high level, I can do it without trying but it takes a little longer than it would with a level five. At Seed's low level four vroom power, I could not cum. So I have a somewhat scientific rating system in place. Generally I'll separate a high level three from a low level four by the fact that a low level four will get my close but just not actually get me over the hump. That's what happened with the Seed.

The vibrations are strongest at the tip of the vibrator. The radiate back some, so you can lay this across you as well and use it that way. You won't get the full force of the vibrations, but they do work decently in this way.

The vibrations are right in the middle of buzzy and rumbly. They aren't overly buzzy but they aren't rumbly either. If I hold it in between my fingers they get a little numbing sensation, but will not actually go numb or get itchy. They are more than just surface level, but not super deep penetrating.

Maybe if these vibrations were stronger or more rumbly this would have worked for me. Alas, no matter how long I tried, I couldn't get the Seed to work for me. I would think that the Seed will pack more than enough power for most users, however. I'm need a lot of power in an external vibrator and this just wasn't enough for my particular tastes. If you need moderate or moderately high power levels, the Seed should satisfy.

Now, onto the patterns. Once you are in the constant vibration mode, you activate the patterns by pressing the circle button. It will then glow different colors that signal that vibrational pattern's "name" of sorts. So instead of remembering "okay, I liked the pattern that was three speeds up" you just go "I like blue" and find blue. It's so much easier! This is the most awesome thing ever. I usually can't even remember how many speed setting something has, so I never remember how many clicks to get to where I want to be. The color coding is really smart thinking.

White - Goes from low to high speed
Green/Blue Color - Moderate paced whirring pulse
Blue - Faster pulse
Orange-y/Red Color - Goes from low to high speeds, pauses, and then repeats
Pink - Like a car revving. Don't know how else to explain that. Increase in power as it goes.
Green - A flutter and then constant vibration
Purple - A somewhat fast pulse, but not a regular pulse. It's like the pulse is held for a different amount of time than a regular pulse and it creates a very different feel from a regular pulse.
Some other color blue - A slower but still moderately paced version of above.
Light Pink-y Purple - A semi-fast irregular pulse
Hot Pink - The weird pulse and then constant vibration

If none of that does it for you, you can hold the circle button when it pulse mode and put it in Random Mode. This will play random patterns. The LED screen will light up the color of the pattern that is playing at that time, so the colors will be constantly changing. This looks so cool! You can turn the lights off (would you do that?!) by holding the plus sign for two seconds. You can turn them back on by doing the same.

To get back into constant power mode, press the circle button again.

That's a heck of a lot of stuff you can do with this thing. I wish I liked patterns. I even tried these because I wanted to see the pretty lights. I still don't like patterns, but it looked so cool I could have just died. It was like a little rave in my bedroom! All you need is music.

The Seed is virtually silent. The manual says it is <49dB, if that means anything to you. It doesn't to me, but I figured I'd include the info. I can barely hear this with it up to my face. The little noise it makes can be muffled with covers and it cannot be heard through a closed door.

The manual says this is a splash proof toy. Because there is an open charging port in the back and the seam where the plastic meets is large, I do not trust this claim. I don't get this close to water. I would recommend you do the same. If you opt to test the claim, that's on you!

The Seed is rechargeable. It connects via charging port at the back of the toy. It will need a two hour charge for three hours of use, according to the manual. I've used this more than three hours and when I check my battery it's yellow. So you get a lot of use out of the charge.

Care and Maintenance

Take care when cleaning your Seed!! You could choose to test the splash proof claim and risk losing the toy if you'd like. What I do is spray the silicone with toy cleaner and then use a dry cloth to wipe off the toy cleaner. This works fine and as the spray is antibacterial I feel like this does a good job of cleaning the toy.

You should use water based lubes only with this toy. Silicone lubes could potentially destroy the material.

Zini includes a cute little pouch with the Seed that can be used for storage. The original packaging is also good for storage if you have more space. If for some reason you don't like either of these options, just make sure you keep this away from other silicone toys as this could destroy the material.


I love a nice package. It's one of my favorite things in life. Not just nice sex toy packaging, but nice packaging on any item. Zini has really nice packaging! The outside is a black houndstooth looking design that simply says "Zini" and is has a single paper wrap that says "Seed" so you know which Zini it is. When you take off the top, only the Seed is visible through a plastic cover. Mine actually wasn't put in properly (so sad!), but I guess I can forgive them.

The side then extends out and opens into a sort of secret compartment that holds the charger and instruction manuals.

You get two manuals. One is the written manual with the specs of the toy and warnings and care instruction. This comes in a gazillion languages. Then there is a colored visual "quick start" guide. This tells you how top operate the toy. It's overwhelming because the "quick" guide is really long! It's very handy though and good to read so you get the basic idea of how to use it. Once you learn the tricks in there, the rest you'll be able to figure out on your own. I would keep this on hand just in case. It also comes in a gazillion languages.

This would make a lovely gift. If you have the space, you can use the package for storage. If not, you can use the provided pouch. If you use the pouch, you can still use the box for household knick knacks because it's really nice! The whole thing is very discreet and doesn't say "sex toy" on it anywhere.

Personal comments

While the Seed didn't work for me, I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't need as much power as I do. If what you're looking for is a power horse, the Seed isn't it. This doesn't come close to my Mimi, Form 2, Salsa, or Tango. What it does better than those is functions, cool factor, and ergonomics. So if power isn't what you're after, then I think this is one solid buy. I wish this would have worked for me. If this packed the punch of my other toys, this easily would have become my favorite.

I just don't know how to rate this. On one hand, my general rule of thumb is that nothing that can't make me cum gets above three stars. On the other hand, aside from not performing, this is one amazingly awesome toy. There's not a negative thing I can say about it other than the power levels. To give a four to something that left me frustrated seems to be a bit generous though. I would say that since the toy is just so cool, I would like to give this a 3.5. I'm going to (sadly) round down on the Eden scale. This gets my highest possible rating for things I will never use.

Personal side note. When in pattern mode the lights constantly blink. When in steady vibration mode they do not. Now, I'm a rave girl and shiny, flashing lights make me happy. In fact, the shiny lights are part of the reason I ended up buying this. When you change steady speeds, a white light will come on so you can see that you are changing the mode, but it will go away. Why, Zini?! I want pretty colors, too!!! Don't most people use the steady vibration mode? This just breaks my little heart. Moving on, now.


You don't even know how hard I tried with this toy. Normally, I can tell in about three minutes if something will make me cum. How long did I try to orgasm with Zini Seed? At least two and a half hours, possibly over three hours, in total time over the sessions I used this. I never give a toy that can't make me orgasm that many chances. I just really, really wanted this to work. I love it so very much. The look of it, the lights, the colors, the feel of it in my hand, the features, just everything about it. I even pulled out a clit pump three times I used this trying to see if I could boost my sensitivity enough to get an orgasm. Still no! I've even been looking at buying a new, stronger clit pump just to see if I can find a way to make the Seed work.

I even tried the patterns. I mostly did this because I wanted to see the pretty lights, but it was also sort of a last ditch effort to make this work. Alas, no.

No matter what I tried, no matter how hard I tried, the power just wasn't enough for me. Damn you, Clit 'O Steel!! I seriously envy those of you that will be able to buy and truly cherish this toy. It is awesome. It's just not awesome enough in power for me.
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