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A Little Orgasmic Seed Pod

She is quiet, has plenty of power, rechargeable and packed full of vibrating patterns to please even the fussiest of people. The Seed was made with clits in mind but is versatile enough for even men to enjoy. This is one clit vibe that had to grow on me over a period of time but now I'd miss it if anything happened to it.
~ Silicone
~ Multi-speed
~ 10 patterns
~ Small
~ Should have been all silicone
~ Zini needs better quality control
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Since I joined Eden I have become a massive fan of clit vibes. No matter how many I have and love, there’s always more of them I NEED. Call me a junkie but I know what I like and how to get it. One of the first things that attracted me to this particular one is the multitude of pretty colours that go along with a variety of patterns. The recharging factor also won me over.



The Seed is designed for more pinpoint clitoral stimulation with the smallish tip but does a fantastic job arousing other erogenous zones including anus, vaginal opening, nipples, penis and scrotum. Being an external toy it really is suitable for anyone who loves vibrations. There are a number of intensity levels and patterns to cater to everyone’s taste. A condom with this one isn’t very practical so I’d recommend keeping it for yourself if you’re not fluid bonded with a playmate or give it a sterilizing wash between sharing.

Material / Texture


The Zini Seed is a clitoral vibrator made in Korea using premium silicone and plastic. Such materials are hypo-allergenic, food grade, as well as phthalates and latex free – earning a safety rating of 8. Because of the silicone section, only water based lubricants should come into contact with the vibrator. Using a silicone lube can cause the material to deteriorate. The Seed had absolutely no odour at all.


The tip and most of the underside of the Seed is coated in a silky soft matte silicone. This stops just before reaching the function buttons and slopes down on each side as it wraps around to form a cover for the charging port. There is a very slight groove where the silicone meets the plastic but I haven’t experienced any issues with mess getting caught in there due to it not being insertable. The handle and control area is moulded in a shiny smooth plastic. On the plastic area is a seam half way down the side which I don’t notice at all while in use.

Design / Shape / Size


Just like its name, Seed looks somewhat like a seed pod. The control end of the vibrator comes to a rounded point. Whereas the stimulating end is elongated and has a larger rounded triangle shape when looking directly onto the tip. The control area is concaved with high edges so while the vibrator is in use there is less chance of accidentally pressing the pattern button. Although, I have still managed to press it and ended up frustrated. Seed has quite a deep body where the control panel is located. On the underside near the back is where the charging port can be found.

Zini from side


Naturally I went with the purple silicone tip with the black control area. Eden also carries a hot pink with white and a black with gold. The only other color on each one is a white ring around the control section which lights up in different colors depending on the pattern you’re using.

Functions / Performance / Controls


The Seed has a total of three buttons: -, + and O. By pressing the + the vibrator starts off on the lowest steady vibrations and gains in strength with each push or holding the button constantly. There are five steady vibration levels in full. The - naturally decreases in speed at any time. At any stage while the vibrator is turned on, pressing the O will start the multitude of awesome patterns. The - and + buttons play the part of moving forward or backwards through the selection. Below are the colours and patterns each delivers.

1.1 Slow drawn out pulses

2.2 Medium drawn out pulses

3.3 Rapid pulses

4.4 Long drawn out pulses

5.5 Longer drawn pulses

6.6 Long drawn out pulse followed by one very rapid pulse

7.7 Extremely rapid short deep pulses

8.8 Extremely rapid short lighter pulses

9.9 Two very rapid pulses in two vibe tones

10.10 Several extremely rapid pulses followed by a drawn out pulse

Seed has a wonderful locking feature that allows for peace of mind while travelling without running the risk of the vibrator turning itself on in your luggage. To activate the lock, hold the - for a few seconds before also holding down the +. The control panel LED illuminates a red glow. If any buttons are pressed while in the lock position the LED will give a quick red flash. Repeat the same steps to unlock and the red LED will change to a green glow.


Naturally at the higher price, Seed is a rechargeable clit vibrator powered via an AV outlet. The booklet says charging time is 2 hours, but mine seems to be done in about an hour. This should get you roughly 3 hours. Not sure mine lasts that long. At any time you can hold down the patterns button and it will show up a color depending on how much life it has left. The following are the different colors.

BLINKS RED: Battery is flat and Seed turns self off
RED: 0 – 10% of power
ORANGE: 10 – 50% power
YELLOW: 50 – 70% power
LIGHT GREEN: 70 – 95% power
GREEN: Over 95% power
BLUE: Complete charge

Charge port

Care and Maintenance


The Seed is suppose to be fully waterproof but because my pattern button isn’t quite set in position properly I won’t risk putting mine under running water. If you’re lucky to receive a top quality one, cleaning with water and anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner will get the job done. A 10% bleach solution could be used to sterilize the vibrator. Just be sure to rinse any residue off. Boiling and the dishwasher are naturally out of the question due to the Seed’s motor. The silicone area does have the ability to collect lint and hairs but they brush off easily with your hand.



Zini has definitely got the packaging going for them. My Seed arrived in a black diamond patterned solid box with a QC passed sticker holding the lid on. The QC passing makes me scratch my head! When you lift the lid, Seed is sitting under moulded clear plastic. Pulling the tag gently reveals your new toy.

To receive access to the bottom section, pull the two sides of the box apart where the corner isn't completely joined. Hidden in this section is the two User Manuals, a drawstring pouch and the charger.
The box is more than sturdy enough to keep for storage if you have the space.


inside box

Zini revealed

Charger compartment




In my opinion, Zini is trying to be up in the Lelo quality league. Their prices give off that impression but the proof is in the pudding. I have tended to compare the Seed with my beloved Lelo Mia and, apart from the patterns, Seed doesn't offer me anything Mia can't do for half the price (back when I bought her). Although, I do prefer Seed's shape for holding while in use.

I am somewhat disappointed in the two Zini products I have bought due to the quality compared to the high prices. Contrary to what I had planned, my collection will remain with just the two Zini's.

The Seed has grown on me a lot more than when I first got it. Back then I would have only given it 2 stars. Even though Seed requires more regular charges than Mia ever has, I tend to now use this one more now.

I'm giving the Seed a 4 star rating.
Follow-up commentary
I'm actually loving the Seed more and more. It was one of those toys that I wasn't all that impressed with in the beginning, but learnt to really love. It's in my top 4 favourite clit vibes and actually lives under my pillow.
I love sleeping with Seed.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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