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Party favors and gags reviews

Black ice interracial playing cards
Adult games
Author: JLM21
These are a good addition to any adult game box. They add some excitement to an otherwise boring card game(s). I would definitely say these would be worth buying!!
The Love I Owe You 52 love vouchers
Adult games
Author: joaker
If you make your own rules (and agree to follow them through) this deck could help ignite some flames, so long as both parties are 100% willing.
Fortune cookies
Edible treats
Author: Mari
Most people probably get these fortune cookies so they can give the cookies to people as a gag. Me, I got these for the box. The box is an absolute hoot! The cookies are the usual run-of-the-mill fortune cookie, albeit with a little more flavor than most cookies. Sadly, the fortunes aren't very thrilling (see full review to see which ones I got), but the box is worth it as a gag gift.
Jumbo cock-tail straw
Naughty gifts and gags
Author: WhirlingStars
We ended up having a battle with these the night a friend bought us some for a party we were holding. We ended up with lots of fun shooting at friends and lots of silly joy. Pretty fun for an adult party of any sort, but fits mainly for a bachelorette party.

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