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Chocolate? Did you say CHOCOLATE?!

Candy themed items for those with a serious sweet tooth!

Please note that the items I have listed may not be practical. Items containing sugar should not be used in sensitive areas, since they may cause infections.

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Organic lip balm Organic lip balm
Sweetly scented organic lip balm that works wonders on dry, cracked lips.


Before and after toy cleaner Before and after toy cleaner
Not exactly candy themed, though it can be a necessary item.


Sweet Heart chocolate box Sweet Heart chocolate box
I love this box! It's the perfect gift for any chocolate lover. Everything tastes amazing!


Supreme body mousse Supreme body mousse
Body mousse that is cake scented. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth!


Honey dust Honey dust
Sweet, kissable honey dust available in several flavors!


Lovers body paint Lovers body paint
Sweet body paint to share with your lover!


Weekender kit Weekender kit
While this is only really good for two uses at the most, I love this product. My favorite is the little bottle of massage oil!


Stretch lace corset Stretch lace corset
Pretty in pink :)


Crazy Girl oral sex gel Crazy Girl oral sex gel
A flavored gel that tingles and heightens arousal!


Sweet Heart strawberry box Sweet Heart strawberry box
This heart-shaped box would make a wonderful gift to any partner.


Petite body souffle Petite body souffle
Strawberry flavored body souffle, great for massages!


Divine nectars flavored lubricant Divine nectars flavored lubricant
Yummy flavored water based lubricant.

Total products: 12
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Sweet Candy forum
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Yes yummy yummy plus you've compiled a good selection of edens treats


Yes yummy yummy plus you've compiled a good selection of edens treats


All of the om noms



Rin Rin  

So many cute things all in one place!


Very cute selection.


New Follower Hun


lots of goos stuff








love it! cute store!




Great collection!


great stuff

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