Favorite Community Interview: 2011

Jul!a Jul!a
Our community interviews are a great way to get a chance to have your questions answered by some awesome people. 2011 had 8 pretty interesting people getting grilled by you folks, and we want to know which one was your favorite to participate in!
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Total votes: 66 (49 voters)
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gone77 gone77
So many great interviews it's hard to choose!
switzerland switzerland
i was only around for Delilah's interview and it was really awesome! i loved reading all her answers to everyone's awesome questions
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I was only around for the last three and they were great. I think Dr. Charley helped me more.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
Mine was Tristan's by far.
Jul!a Jul!a
*shameless bump*
Jul!a Jul!a
*another shameless bump*
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
They were all great, it's hard to choose. Thanks EF for hosting these, they are very informative.
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