Do you think knitting is a feminine hobby?

smasmasma smasmasma
I have never seen a man knit but maybe more should!
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I have never seen a guy knit either. I don't think it's necessarily feminine though.
Jack M. Jack M.
I'm a dude. I knit. I also sew and crochet. Come the apocalypse, I want to be prepared.

I also learned how to do all of these things from another guy [a punk, with a face full of piercings and a leather collar]. So.
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I don't see why a man couldn't knit. My own father knits, sows, and weaves. Well he can anyways. If it's one thing I do love in a man is knowing his basics and I consider a needle craft to be a basic. My husband can too.

Personally, I love it XD.
lnk8522 lnk8522
Originally posted by mmike1900
I find it easy to picture a woman of any age knitting. However, I have never seen a man, especially a rugged man, knit. In the comment section, can any of you tell me if you know guys who enjoy knitting.
I've known several men who knit, and I knit myself. I think that since it started as primarily a 'womans place', people think of it, along with seweing,crocheting,and other crafts as mostly for women. Also, the focus group for advertising supplies for these are geared mostly for females,. Not neccesarily PC,lol, but its the way it is.
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