Eden Gives Back: Bringing Thanksgiving to Families in NYC

Rarity Rarity
Living in one of the richest nations in the world, it is often easy to forget that there are people living in our very own neighbourhoods who have more need than we do. Thanksgiving is one of the few times we get to take a break from our busy lives to reflect on how fortunate we are. In a city like New York City, it's often that we forget to extend kindness to others around us.

feedingnyc works in partnership with Women in Need, the Jewish Federation, Catholic Charities, and City harvest to deliver Thanksgiving meals to families living within the five boroughs each year. Each box is packed and delivered in person to those families living in NYC so they may have a Thanksgiving dinner where one might not be possible. Within ten years since their founding, 20,000 boxes have been delivered to needy families within the city. Thanks to the generosity of the contributors on Eden for donating and to the efforts of the volunteers, we are able to see that a few more families do not go hungry on Thanksgiving.
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Jul!a Jul!a
I am proud to say that I helped you accomplish this. Thank you!
Kindred Kindred
Thanks you so much for doing this!
Rarity Rarity
Sam, Kindred, thank you two so much for helping out! I'm so glad I could play this small role in helping to organize this. Karma points to everyone who has selflessly donated or volunteered their time to make this happen.
gone77 gone77
Awesome! Thank you for helping us help others!
Art & Sensation Art & Sensation
Massive props for doing this. It sure does warm one's heart to learn about such kindness and generosity.
Rarity Rarity
Here's the blog post for anyone who is interested!
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