I'd like a double cheeseburger, super sized fries and a diet coke! How many of you do this? (private polling!)

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So, we've all heard the jokes about ordering at a fast food joint, getting double everything and adding a diet coke in the mix to make ourselves feel better about our order. Some people do this, sometimes myself included!

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Go big or go home tbh. I don't eat out a lot so I am not worried about being really healthy when I do. Give me a baconator with fries and extra ketchup! God yes! I have a really low appetite naturally and mom always told me "your eyes are bigger than your stomach, be careful" when I would order at restaurants. BTW a diet coke is still bad for you! All the high fructose crap and artificial sweeteners are usually not great. I quit drinking it all together. When you do order a diet coke it also means for a lot of people they feel like they can eat more than they usually would. Every time I used to go to restaurants I would like drink 4 coke glasses full of diet coke because they would just keep refilling it too lol.
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