Creating your own EF banners and pictures

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I've been working on a few things on my blog and changing a couple things that will become a standard on my blog The World According to Woman and one of those things are pictures.

I want my blog to have an almost old fashioned and antiquey look after the 200th celebration, so each of my pictures have to go through a little bit of photo shopping where I soften the focus and then "age" the picture, toss up a border and voila.

So I was thinking, because doing this makes my eyeballs go all crazy, does anyone else create their own banner or alter/tweak the EF banners for your personal blogs???

Frilly knickers 200th post The post has not gone up yet.

Woman's Eyes go all Buggy post And the post I used this one is link.
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Woman China Woman China

I was so afraid that I'd not get the pictures in here!!! Well hot diggity!!!
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