Eden Bloggers: Sunday 05.01.11 - Monday 05.15.11

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Eden Bloggers: Sunday 05.01.11 - Monday 05.15.11

Kayla Kayla
This is a thread for you to share your blog posts with the community. We have a ton of sex toy reviews posted here on EdenFantasys; we ask that you only post non-review posts on this thread.

Please use the following format when sharing a post:

- Title of Blog
- Title of Post
- Publication Date
- A brief description of your blog or post

Just as an FYI, this month's EdenBloggers meeting is on May 26th. This month's topic is "How To Get Visitors and Readers".
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Kayla Kayla
Kinky Life
Summer Vacay
Recent thoughts about the summer, my diet, and what happened to my poor Playstation 3
Kayla Kayla
Kinky Life
Having No Inspiration Sucks
May 7, 2011
My, why do people read my blog? I feel like my life is boring to talk about. Talking about no inspiration, rearranging the house, and current events.
bluekaren bluekaren
$25 Eden Fantasys Gift Card Contest link

A contest that is super easy to enter!
bluekaren bluekaren


A post explaining twitter Eden Parties!!
yatinp30 yatinp30
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Woman China Woman China
The World According to Woman

The online erotic story... Beginnings and Endings... this thing has it all. An erotic novelist reads snippets from her erotic novel to university students.

Kayla Kayla
Kinky Life
My Mother
What's going on with my mother lately.
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