New Devine Playchest (pink/pink/pink)

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
I am loving the look of the drawstring bags as well....the purple suede is awesome. Love the toy chest...would love it in black with purple trim...
Sundae Sundae
Yeah I really like the look of this chest, but again I'm so not a pink girl, especially not a pink croco skin sort! Definitely would love an all black version too, or at least something a bit less girly and frilly. Interested to check it out when it comes to EF.
Victoria Victoria
I just did an Eden "sneak peek" product video of these - it'll be around soon-ish. These really hold A LOT of toys and products! I was like "Can I haz this one?". The Black with pink trim is not as 'frilly' or 'girly' as you might think. I really like it.
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