Benefits of Ceramic?

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Laura Ricklin
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I'm a huge fan of glass toys, but as of yet, I have no experience with any ceramic toys. I assume they are similar in construction, and hardness, but what about details like texture? Smoothness? Colors? Design? Can you give us some information on some of the differences between glass and ceramic toys? Aside from the aesthetics, what are some of the benefits of ceramic? Are there any advantages in design and manufacturing specific to ceramic?

Thanks in advance.
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Laura Ricklin Laura Ricklin
I too am a fan of glass toys, my interest in glass blowing and ceramics was one of the deciding factors that led me to create my first ceramic toy. Your right glass and ceramic are similar in many ways, both are cured in high temperature kilns, both are made from earth derived materials, texture of both is identical, both have unlimited color variations ( unfortunately ceramics can not be transparent like glass). One difference between glass and ceramic toys is that the glass curing temperature process is less forgiving than ceramic and can be brittle if not fired correctly. Ceramics have a higher temperature tolerance during firing process that doesn't effect the pieces durability. The designs of glass or ceramic toys differ only by the artisan creating the pieces. The benefits of ceramic is equal to glass in they are both non-porous, hypo-allergenic, smooth, hard,odor and bacteria resistant, great for temperature play and easy to clean. I can only speak to the advantages of the manufaturing process we use at Duncan Charles, in from start to finish each toy is handcrafted one piece at a time using lead free, non-toxic materials, the only machine that touches our toys is the kiln. With glass and ceramic I feel that hand made pieces are not only a work of art but make a statement to the quality and dedication put into making safe, beautiful, long lasting pleasure objects. Please let me know if I have answered your questions or if I may have left any thing out.
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Thank you for the wonderfully in-depth response, it really answers a lot of the questions I had about ceramics. If ceramics really are this nice, it looks like my wife and I now have another type of material to choose from when picking out new sex toys!

Thanks again, and I look forward to trying some ceramics in the near future.
Laura Ricklin Laura Ricklin
You are very welcome! I am glad you and your wife are looking into a ceramic toy, I think you will find they are different from other materials in a wonderful way. By the way, great post!!
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