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Anntionette Anntionette
Originally posted by Gunsmoke
I have mixed emotions about JimmyJane. My first foray was the Form 6 - a huge disappointment for such as expensive toy. They eventually came up with a revised model - but by then whose going to risk $180 2x? Not me.

I bought the Contour M and ...
I agree! As a college student, I have a very limited income so when my sweetie surprised me with the Form 2 I was *overjoyed*. Now, don't get me wrong- it really has some great things going for it: Waterproof, rechargeable, texture, shape, vibration patterns, etc. BUT (and here comes the caveat) in its primary function of vibrator it leaves something to be desired.
As Gunsmoke said, for the premium that you are paying for the products, they fail in their primary functionality. Here's to hoping that JJ will step up and deliver a product that fully lives up to its promise.
Lummox Lummox
I voted for the Afterglow but in fact I've mean the Ember. We've bought saffron + neroli scent recently. It's beyond our expectations, it's just fantastic! I understand, it's greatly overpriced, but still too sad the Ember is discontinued here.
As for JJ vibes, I still hope to save enough to buy the Form 6.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot... Overall, in my opinion, the most of JJ products are almost perfect, but, no wonder, expensive.
lordj2010 lordj2010
might come back later to check up on teh vote
Solar Ray Solar Ray
They make some really classy, high quality items... some are pricey but you can't deny they make good quality toys.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I want to try the Afterglow candles so bad!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Splurged and got the Form 2 - didn't work out well right away, but after some persistence we found a way to make it work.
dbm6907 dbm6907
absolutely LOVE the candles!
richsam richsam
Glinteye Glinteye
that was tough!
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