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I seen that there were valentines lingerie on sale this week and I have to say that I am truly disappointed. Everything I clicked on (there was about 9 outfits per page that I was interested in) and they are ALL "One size fits most". That was really disappointing to see that, and even more disappointed to know that if I want to surprise my husband, I have to pay more and for items that I don't really care for. :-( This is probably my only complaint with EF but I have NO lingerie, and Im really disappointed that I will have to go to a retail store to get my items. Is there any way that we can get bigger sizes? Its frustrating for me because I am "in between" the big/small sizes. Im too big for the "One size fits most/all" but Im too small for the BBW styles and sizes. I would love it if EF could carry more "in between" Stuff.
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I guess if I could know your measurements, I could do a little looking around for you.
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