#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (09/30/11)

Kayla Kayla
Would you like to check out some of the new items to have hit the shelves this week? Here's the thread that will let you know them all!

Did you see the new, amazing item that we're now carrying on EdenFantasys? Yes, that's right; it's the new EdenFantasys Beach Towel! Now you can have fun in the sun in style, or you can dry off after a bath with this cute design. Featuring little chemical test tubes to “create” a martini-looking drink, the towel is 100% cotton and machine washable. Enjoy the “feel” of summer with our cute EdenFantasys beach towel!

Do you enjoy your lingerie to be bra and panty sets? We have a ton of new bra and panty sets! We are now carrying: Satin Bra Set with Mesh Accents, Naughty Black Lace Set, Polka Dot Babe, Lace Bralette with Crotchless Thong, Bandeau Ruffle Skirt Set, Bandeau Ruffle Skirt Set in blue, and the Sequin Pastie Tutu Set.

What about dresses? Do you enjoy lingerie that is longer or dress-like? We are now carrying: Red Lace Panel Gowl and G-String, Butterfly Gown and G-String, Lace Long Sleeve Mini Dress, Electrifying Cowl Neck Mini Club Dress, Fishnet Mini Dress with Belt Accent, Sexy Club Dress with Chain Accents, Heart Cut Out Gown, Off-the-Shoulder Fishnet Gown, Mesh Asymmetrical Babydoll, Stretch Club Dress, and the Nude Affair Tieback.

Do you tend to like bodystocking lingerie? If you do, we're now carrying a large selection! There's the: Crotchet Net Long Sleeve Bodystocking, Spiderweb Spaghetti Strap Bodystocking, Cutout Fishnet Bodystocking with Bows, Open-Cup Bodystocking with Cameo Accents, Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Bodystocking, Sheer Open Crotch Body Stocking, Lycra Net Open Crotch Body Stocking, Long Sleeve Crotchet Bodystocking, Lace Floral Bodystocking, Fishnet Bodystocking with Contrast Color, Split Front Bow Accent Bodystocking, and the Zig Zag Print Bodystocking.

Neither of those two things interest you? We're carrying lots of of other lingerie too! We're now carrying: Peignoir Set Red, French Maid Set, Seamless Fishnet Body Stocking, Lycra Net Crotchless Body Stocking, Blue Halter Babydoll, Pinstripe Hottie, Knit Bustier with Stretch Lace Accent, Mesh Cami with Gold Accents, Bondage Second Skin Teddy, Afterschool Naughty School Girl, Fuschia Babydoll, Knit Bustier, Naughty Nighttime Nurse, Lace Bustier Set, Ruffle Babydoll, Prisoner of Love, and the Lace Floral Deep-V Front.

What's your favorite feature of the new EdenFantasys Beach Towel?
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Beck Beck
awesome stuff!
wetone123 wetone123
I really like that beach towel! I hope that it will be a free gift option like the shirts!
Coralbell Coralbell
That's a lot of lingerie!
Yaoi Pervette (deleted) Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
The towel is cute.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Loving all the new lingerie!

I'd have to say that I love the color more than anything. We love black towels so three or four of these might have to be ordered.
mandiegk mandiegk
I love the towel and all the new lingerie. My lingerie wish list is getting way too long.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
I love the chemical part about the towel. Its very cute.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Love the towel, I'm going to have to get one.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
I love the color scheme. Mainly because it's black. You rarely see black towels these days and I actually suggested an EF towel back when I started with the community.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
The lingerie is looking great!I like the second one pictured with teh purple heart pasties and skirt. YUM!
Silverdrop Silverdrop
I'd have liked the towel better if it was white. A little bit of printing on a towel is fine, but when an entire surface is printed, it becomes less useful for purposes of drying wet bodies.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
Originally posted by wetone123
I really like that beach towel! I hope that it will be a free gift option like the shirts!
I agree I'd total pick it if it were an option.
True Pleasures True Pleasures
Originally posted by namelesschaos
I agree I'd total pick it if it were an option.
Same here! Of course, it's getting a little late in the season to be using a beach towel here... 60's are way too chilly for me to go swimming.
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by unfulfilled
The lingerie is looking great!I like the second one pictured with teh purple heart pasties and skirt. YUM!
That set is really cute! I like it too.
Nora Nora
"Other" really...I really enjoy the picture! But, I'm a huge science nerd.
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