Is the MiMi worth the money?

jgraham232 jgraham232
I was just wondering if anyone that has experience with this one with a partner found it useful funa and enjoyable before I buy
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Mwar Mwar
The We-Vibe tango is about 10 less and has all the functions of Mimi. The only difference is that it is not silicone, the Tango is plastic. I would check that one out.
kensielou kensielou
indiglo indiglo
Personally, yes I like the MiMi alone or with a partner. It fits perfectly, can be used in nearly any position... I just love it. I prefer the MiMi's flat, pebble shape over the Tango's bullet-like shape, but again it's all personal preference. Most of MiMi's reviews are stellar, but there are still users who did not like it, and prefer the bullet shape.
Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
wondering the same thing. Going to watch this thread.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I personally have Both generations of Mimi, and say save up for Uma because it's stronger and has the ability to be inserted as well. I love UMA! I thought I loved Mimi, until Uma came around.
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