I am interested in Ohmibod but....

laroc nite (Tina) laroc nite (Tina)
Which one is the best vroom.
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gypsymama gypsymama
I just ordered my first one, the naughtibod, but haven't got it yet. From what I hear the freestyle has the most vroom.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
The only Ohmibod toys we have are the original Club Vibe and the Club Vibe 2.Oh. The original one has a lot more vroom.
eclouse55 eclouse55
has anyone tried it that can give more detail?
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I had the Ohmibod it had okay vibrations just not enough for me but I enjoyed it til it malfunctioned and I had to return it. I now have the Naughtibod I haven't even took this one out of the box I have had it for a few month. I also have the Club Vibe 2.oh and the vibrations are so so. However, I MUST have STRONG vibrations so these may work for you. Good luck on your journey with these. I want to get the Freestyle W though.
sexytileena / absolutely love sex sexytileena / absolutely love sex
you will be happy with whichever one you choose.
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