Have you ever received a broken or damaged toy?

Aishiteru Aishiteru
I thankfully haven't received a damaged or defective item.
KatPawz2003 KatPawz2003
Only once here, in my many years of shopping with EF. It was a manufacturing issue and not something that I can blame on EF. What you have to look out for is with some of the assignments, they do not always have them in stock to be able to send a replacement quickly.
Kodie Kodie
Originally posted by mpfm
I received a defective toy just last week from EF. Customer service was great. The toy has been sent back on their dime, and I have no doubts that they will send me the replacement right away.
I just put in a large order and one of my items was damaged on arrival, thanks for this post I will not worried about then sending me a replacement.
Kodie Kodie
yes. I had to ship it back and they replaced it, they covered shipping both ways, thanks EF!
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