#AskEden - Will this be coming back in stock?

Zombirella Zombirella
Python print divine carry-on
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I have already sent a support ticket about this and was told it would be back a week after I sent the ticket but it didn't and still hasn't come back in. I'm just wondering if it will be back in stock or if they have decided to stop carrying it?
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AskEden AskEden
It should be in next week, according to the Product Manager. We should still be carrying it.

Zombirella Zombirella
Thank you!
Moonshyne7785 Moonshyne7785
hope to see these back in stock, they are cute
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
Yay! I'm glad. I really like the silver one.
SMichelle SMichelle
Hmm... all three are out of stock again. I hope they're not gone for good this time.
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