Giftcards from different accounts question.

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Giftcards from different accounts question.

Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Hard to make a title from my question here. But ill give this a shot.

Basically i have gives cards on my account and i have a friend that has gifts cards on their account. They asked me if i wanted anything as a gift from edenfantay's and i was also planning on ordering some items for myself.

OK, so i already know that their gift cards cannot be used on my account because of the points program. BUT, my question is, can they order something for me on their account using their own gift card and have it shipped to my address as a gift?

I hope that makes sense and if it doesn't i can further clarify what i'm getting at. Thanx for your time.
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indiglo indiglo
Yes they can order you a gift and have it sent to you with their EF points.
Kynky Kytty Kynky Kytty
Make a public wishlist and they'll be able to buy it for you.
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Ok i just wasn't sure, because they live in the apart building across from me so didn't know if their would be a problem with similar addresses and such but thank you very much for replying
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