#AskEden - Is this correct, or the same product?

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#AskEden - Is this correct, or the same product?

Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
Platinum edition butterfly kiss review
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This product says it's not available yet, but isn't this the exact same thing as: link.
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kendra30752 kendra30752
No, it's not the *exact* same, but VERY close.

I have both the pink Platinum Edition Butterfly kiss that you linked to and the Platinum Edition Bunny kiss. They're very similar, both butterfly kisses you linked to, but the vibrations differ slightly.

Oh, and the reason the newer edition is not available yet is because it just became available from EF and is more like an "upcoming" product. I know it's really confusing though since Cal Exotic named two slightly different toys the exact same thing. Beats me.

However, if you're interested in purchasing one of them, I doubt the new version will be added anytime soon given that EF has had "new" products show up that have yet to become available for purchase for months now. So if you really wanted, you could go ahead and get the older version (the pinker one you linked to that IS available right now) because the difference between the two isn't incredibly noticeable.
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