Looking at/finding someone's public profile?

Rhazya Rhazya
I wasn't sure where to put this, my apologies in advance this if this is in the wrong place. I had someone send me private message over six months ago. I did try responding to it, but unsure it went through. I was trying to figure out what (if any) interaction I had with this individual, and looking back I haven't found anything yet. I wanted to look at their profile to see if it would refresh my memory.

Maybe I'm missing the obvious? I can see their avatar and screenname, but neither is clickable. Is there some other way I'd access their profile or does it mean since neither is clickable that they are no longer a member of Eden Fantasys? If that was the case, I'm surprised I got no error message once I replied to their message.
Jul 21, 12:09 pm
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dv8 dv8
Not everyone has a public profile.
Jul 22, 9:19 pm
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