Grab It Feature Issue

xOhxSoxScandalousx xOhxSoxScandalousx
I'm having problems with the "+Grab It" feature on EF right now. I'm trying to make a review on a costume I recently bought on this site. It wont let me choose the size. This is what it's showing: link

The size options are being covered behind "My Eden". Idk if anyone else is experiencing this problem but can anyone help?
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Zombirella Zombirella
Someone else posted this and I responded to it as well as Stormy. I ended up sending Stormy a message about it and a photo similar to yours. I'm thinking she passed that along to the techs.

It seems to be an issue with Google Chrome. What you can do is copy the catalog ID of the item you want (be sure you click on the color/size you want before copying the ID) then go into your assignment cart and then click on product search. Enter the catalog ID number and grab the item you want that way.

The other option is to make your orders using another browser until they fix the problem.
sktb0007 sktb0007
I had asked this a few days ago. You can check out Kindred's response here: link
xOhxSoxScandalousx xOhxSoxScandalousx
Thanks everyone!
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