#AskEden - Can I upload missing manufacturers images for a product ?

#AskEden - Can I upload missing manufacturers images for a product ?

sexyscreenname sexyscreenname
There are some but not many products that only have a single image of a product but there are photos available directly from the manufacturer that show the rest of the product / out of the packaging / greater detail. Would it be okay to upload these ?

I am not talking about images found on google or some other sex shop or anything like that, strictly just from the manufacturer. I haven't seen anyone else do this and I don't see any terms of service for the image upload function so I have not done this yet.

I think is would serve shoppers as you can read comments about how people wished there was better photos and it would also keep people on the site and not looking else where for product info.
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AskEden AskEden
If you have the items, you can absolutely upload your own images.

The general gist for uploading images on EdenFantasys is that it has to be your own image OR you're using the image to make a point and it's readily identifiable as not your own.

Hope that helps!

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