Attack of the Disappearing Order- Has this ever happened to you?

Crystal1 Crystal1
A few days ago, I was all excited to place my latest order, but just after the Paypal page, some kind of error seemed to happen and I was sent back to the EF homepage. My order doesn't show up in my Order Statuses, and Paypal doesn't show any record of the transaction, but the gift cards that I had used for the order show a $0 balance. I've submitted a ticket, but I'm just curious- has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm sad because I was even hurrying to get my order in by 2pm that day so I would get it by Friday, but now tomorrow is Friday and I'm still waiting to be able to order.
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Solar Ray Solar Ray
Yes... pretty much the exact same thing happened to me 6 days ago now. I'm happy to say that after several conversations with customer support and several tickets submitted and a few days of patience that they have now reimbursed the gift card. It's just some sort of glitch in the system that happens sometimes I assume. Now hopefully when I resumbit the order it wont happen again.

My advice is just to have patience... they will reimburse you but they do take a while to look through the system for the order... but obviously there is no order because in my case no money moved from the Paypal account.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Fortunately I haven't experienced this issue.
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