Coming from a "sheltered" background how comfortable are you using Eden Fantasy's knowing that your family and friends might be aware?

Missy27 Missy27
Originally posted by AmethystQueen
I just make separate accounts for all my Eden Fantasys things. Different FB account, different e-mail, different Pinterest. You could also do a different Twitter account. Don't mix the accounts and you'll be sheltered as much as you can be.
I've never thought of creating different accounts.
QueenBitch QueenBitch
Originally posted by Mylo
I wouldn't say that I am sheltered, but I have a very religious background. Although my religion does not shun sex it does consider it a very private and sacred experience. I feel very comfortable using the site, however I am not comfortable ...
No worries
joiedejouets joiedejouets
I only told one of my family members and I do not share the website with them at all. I'm very vague about it.
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