#AskEden - Issue loading reviews

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#AskEden - Issue loading reviews

ghalik ghalik
I'm having a problem with review pages. I click on a link to a review and only parts of the page load. My browser is stuck on "connecting to websnapr.com" and the review itself doesn't load for a whole minute. No other types of pages have this issue, only reviews. As soon as I click on something else to leave the page, the review is visible for a second before I am taken to the link I clicked on. It appears that websnapr is very slow today.
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VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I had this same problem earlier today but it's gone now. I'm not sure what happened but reviews are loading just fine for me now.
AskEden AskEden
I'm not sure why you'd use websnapr to view EdenFantasys.

Could you send JR an email at almon@edenfantasys.com and he'll look into this for you.

Usually, if you're having loading issues with the site, Shift +F5 will work.

ghalik ghalik
I assume websnapr is used by EF? I don't use it. I'm no longer having the problem, but if it happens again I will email JR.
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