Free gifts with order?

JaneDoe ToyCollector JaneDoe ToyCollector
Do you always get a free gift with your order? If so,what?
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Kkay Kkay
Not always. I generally only get something if I'm interested. If I weren't allergic to the toy wipes I'd grab those every time I didn't want something else, though.
WierdAl WierdAl
Originally posted by JaneDoe ToyCollector
Do you always get a free gift with your order? If so,what?
Hit and miss, sometimes I don't even remember about the free gifts.
Lucky21 Lucky21
Out of all of the orders that I have placed, I only remembered once to grab my free gift.
dv8 dv8
I'm collecting t-shirts.
js250 js250
It depends on what is available. If I already have or am not interestid in the free items, then no, I am stocking up on the wipes, though!!
Ghost Ghost
I usually do. If nothing suits, I usually just get the "toy wipes".
Pink Jewel Pink Jewel
I usually get the toy wipes.
When I remember. So far I've gotten a tote and wipes.
acessorie acessorie
Heck yeah why not!
I've gotten 2 bullets, vibe, and 2 t-shirts!
They may not be top quality stuff but its awesome!
Perfect things to take traveling or camping instead of your expensive ones.
jenn g jenn g
only if it's something I want. been getting the wipes, they are nice to have around!
lexical lexical
I really appreciate when they have toys as free gifts. I'm a sex educator and it allows me to add to my collection of toys that I can use to pass around the class when teaching workshops. I also get the wipes when I can!
geliebt geliebt
Wipes and T-shirts are my go-to free gifts, but if there's something else that catches my fancy I'll go for that! But yes I always to include one. The wipes are my favorites. I mean hey, it's free and useful. Why not!?
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